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Jean Carper

Jean Carper is an worldwide authority on nutrition and health, CNN’s first medical correspondent, the author of 24 books, three New York Times best sellers, along with the manager producer-of the award-winning documentary, Monster at the Mind: Investigating the Untruths of both Alzheimer’s. Her most recent book is #x 2019; s & Dementia & 101Ways to Avoid Alzheimer.
Carper was granted an excellence in journalism award by the American Aging Association because of her groundbreaking novel, Stop Aging Now! She also received a prestigious ACE award for her CNN investigative show on brain cancer, and won the trophy for best science documentary (Monster from the Mind) in The University of Bergen’s International Film Festival in Norway at 2016.
She has been highly praised for her ability to interpret complex scientific information from top medical journals and research workers into popular understandable concepts and advice. Her novels have sold an estimated five million copies and been translated into more than ten languages.
Her most popular book is Food Your Miracle Medicine, first published by Harper Collins in 1992. Her publications have appeared on the best-seller lists of this New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Publisher’s Weekly and USA Today. She has written for several publications, including articles and a column for the Washington Post.
For 14 years she authored a weekly nutrition column called Eat Smart in USA Weekend, with a circulation of 50 million readers, published in the weekend section of USA Today paper. The pillar was nominated for a James Beard Award and transported recipes, a lot of which are reprinted in Jean Carper’s Complete healthier Cookbook.
She is a graduate of Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware, Ohio, and also a recipient of the Distinguished Achievement Citation, honoring her as ”a crusading and pioneering journalist”

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Nick Bell

"High-Quality Affordable Books for a Healthy Mind, wholesome Body and Healthy Outlook on Life"

I am a firm believer that books can dramatically improve your well-being. Not only that, but those novels ought to be cheap, simple to read and also have ideas that are simple to use so you are able to reap the benefits as you go in your daily life on a daily basis.

My books are made with the aforementioned aims in mind.

My name is Nick Bell. I'm a Father, Husband, voracious reader, seasoned author, well-being enthusiast plus a curious individual at-large.

Publishing my writing has been a labour of love for me personally. I always wanted to discuss what I had discovered through my curiosity and experiments when it arrived to subjects such as nutrition, diet, the way the brain works and many other places. My interests are constantly evolving but in my core, I believe that doing things the natural way may lead to some awesome long-term benefits.

Through time, I've been able to improve my health, become so much more efficient and truly feel a lot more happy all by employing everything I write about in my novels. And, my sincere hope is that you get some value from my books and experience lots of the exact advantages.

Thus, thank-you for checking out my page. As an independent author, your service will be greatly appreciated and I promise to meet your confidence in me by continuing to generate high quality, affordable books that will help you.

Feel free to scroll down and check out all the books I have written.

For Your Well-Being,

Nick Bell

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