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YoYoFactory BOSS Unresponsive Professional Color product image


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BOSS YoYo YoYoFactory Color Blue product image


YoYoFactory BOSS Unresponsive Professional Color product image


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KickFire White Lightning Replacement Performance product image


KickFire Handsticks Lightning Lightweight Performance product image


KickFire Diabolos Diabolo Replacement Performance product image


KickFire Diabolos Diabolo Chinese Replacement product image


MOTA Kendama Bamboo Toy Japanese product image

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KickFire Diabolos

Remember when "pleasure" was pixels, apps, along with WiFi? When you were restricted by your creativity, rather than by the number of gigabytes in your device? In Classics, we believe there is nothing quite like classic toys to awaken the inner kid in all of us!

Classics that are KickFire is committed to creating toys for children that provide a rest from tech and challenge children to get outside and play. Some of the most popular toys include the KickFire Diabolo® Chinese yoyo with the Diabolo Guy, our KickFire Kadavu® Peninsula including Luke Kitewalker, along with our Banded Bandit® rubber band guns featuring Cowboy Cory. If you are interested in finding great gifts for your kids or grandkids, have a look at our full collection at our KickFire Classics Amazon shop.

Recapture the joys of youth, and fire up your kids passion by introducing them into our lineup of toys that are classic ! In the end, a line of toys your kids will enjoy and you will understand!

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