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Dan Martin

Dan Martin was born the eldest son's eldest son, in Detroit, Michigan. Work on motors the offspring of divorced parents, at thirteen Dan proceeded to reside with his dad high from the Rocky Mountains trap and generally be self explanatory.

At age seventeen, Dan joined the army, was stationed at Hawaii and finally set up and struggled in Desert Shield. He received a diploma in Environmental Sciences from the University of Hawaii; and upon coming back in the States, he attended the University of Texas studying Science and Engineering. It was then that Dan volunteered with Habitat for Humanity and Greenpeace, where he must have acquired his first taste of living and working outside of their 'standard'. He then proceeded to work for Boeing Aerospace on Air Force C-17 Globe Pros. During Dan's time together with Boeing, he attended San Antonio Community College, requiring undergraduate classes in Pre-Med, Sociology, World History and Psychology, making enough credits for a Ph.D. and a second Bachelors degree. However he never wanted a level the education itself.

Now's faulty educational system led Dan to start to understand that something was wrong with the planet, but particularly the United States. People moved about such as "sheep," to and from work and home as if asleep, basically ignoring Earth around them. In the spring of 2000, he spent all of his awakening spare time at Central Mexico taking up strange part-time jobs, learning mechanisms, welding, fire control, security, farming, ranching, construction, architecture, wood working, original answer, sanitation, plumbing, electric, heating and air conditioning, and metal working, in which he later met and married his wife, Lucia. They'd then both revive the U.S. and live the next year at San Antonio, Texas, prior to stopping his inaugural livelihood with Boeing in the age of twenty-five; ca

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Chris Haynes

Chris Haynes living and has been building in homes because 2007. 100% live off the grid in western Massachusetts. He's an engineering background in both electric and software.

His very first miniature house was just 66 square foot! He lived in that home for 18 months while building his main house that is 250 feet. He's now constructing a house that is tiny in rather remote portion of northern New England using onsite materials. He might be a sequential tiny house builder...

He launched the first in a string of books on miniature house building in April 2016. His purpose is to produce a group of reference books backed up by expertise and solid design principles that everyone can use to construct their house.

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William Errol Prowse IV

Are you currently currently in pain? So was I. It is not fun. My books are made to help the typical person fix their apparently incurable, chronic pain. Every book I have produced is guaranteed to work, or you get your money back.

My story:
For 4 1/2 yearsago I dealt with a onslaught of dreadful injuries and ailments. It plagued my entire life and all started with gymnastics plantar fasciitis that was due to gymnastics. After a doctor's orders, I utilized a throw to break the harm (bad idea). The cast cut off flow which then led to the growth of a rare nerve disorder called erythromelalgia (thermoregulatory neurovascular disease). I dealt from years of doing sports, including ankle and knee difficulties, and 2 shoulder labrums.

My private life suffered horribly. I needed to drop out of college and struggle in court for SSI income. I lost my two jobs (gymnastics coach/lifeguard). I had been deemed permanently and severely disabled because of the limitations. My family had their own problems, so that I had been on my own. I lived in a van for a year. Looking after my nerve disease proved to be a full-time job at the RV. I was in "survival mode" 24/7. In order to stay alive on the streets requires a bit of chance and a good deal of hard work.

Thus from age 19-24, I could barely walk and what hurt. My healing skills were limited. I limped in pain and had to carry an ice bag just to walk (due to the erythromelalgia). The nerve disease prevented me from accessing my shoulder surgeries. Because I could not walk, because of the nerve disease, I could not fix my plantar fasciitis entirely. So the biggest hurdle I'd fixed the erythromelalgia. It took a long time, and countless hours analyzing. Through trial and error, and a lot of discomfort, I discovered a way. After that, I discovered ways

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