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Matthew C Le Merle

Matthew Le Merle is currently co-founder of Fifth Era ( and managing partner of Keiretsu Capital, the planet’s largest angel community and many active US venture investor. To learn more go to
Matthew is a sought after speaker and innovation adviser. He's a specialist on technology and digitization transformations having proposed major companies such as Bank of America, eBay, EDS, Gap, Genentech, Google, HP, Microsoft, PayPal and Tata/JLR and other businesses on troubles.

Matthew has proposed sovereign and regional financial entities on issues of innovation, entrepreneurialism and cluster development. Clients have insured the globe to the US from the UK, the EU, and China including in his home country of California and the Bay Area/Silicon Valley.

Matthew’s career has spanned being a global strategy advisor, specialist services company pioneer, corporate operating executive, private equity and venture capital investor, and board manager for high growth public and private digital market companies.

Earlier in his career, Matthew spent 21 years as a strategy consultant and advisor to Fortune 500 CEOs, boards and executive teams with McKinsey & Company, and as a practice leader with EDS/A. T. Kearney and Monitor Group where he directed both companies’ West Coast clinics and in Booz & Company. He was also a corporate executive in Gap Inc. in which he was SVP corporate and strategy growth and SVP international marketing.

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Russ Whitney

Russ Whitney overcame a tough childhood and went on to build a solid life for a family guy, civic leader, self-made millionaire, philanthropist, bestselling writer, mentor and businessperson.

Much as he chased his legendary small business successes, Whitney never failed the priorities of family, faith and friends. He says his three kids (now adults) and granddaughter are his most significant accomplishment and are always a motivating force in his own life.

Whitney’s latest enterprise, Inner Voice(tm), grew out of his own private search for the genuine significance of life and our reason for being. After five decades of research and study, Whitney introduced Inner Voice to a global audience. #x, Whitney & now2019;s private pursuit has evolved into a really public, rapidly-growing, always-evolving on- and - off-line community and is becoming a way of life for members around the globe. He states Inner Voice is the most important discovery of his career.

Eternally and throughout his schooling goods, Russ Whitney has coached countless individuals around the globe in private success strategies and audio wealth-building techniques, and mentored them as they set their education into practice. He has discussed his own small business successes and, even more importantly, his errors and failures, together with them as learning opportunities and teaching opportunities.

Through the maturation of this Inner Voice way of existence, Whitney found that his primary function in life is to teach and help others attain their full potential through the Inner Voice experience, training and coaching. He continues to function as mentor and a coach for members of the Inner Voice community.

An entertaining and motivational speaker, Russ Whitney has shared the stage with some of the world’s most revered motivational and entrepreneurial idea leaders, including the late Lady Margaret Thatcher, Britain’s f

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