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Lee Anne White

As an avid gardener, Lee Anne has broken ground and more than several shovels from Georgia's red clay and Connecticut's rocky loam, researched countless blossoms from coast to coast and across the pond, also learned from some of the best landscape architects, garden designers and horticulturists from the country. Along with writing six novels on landscape and garden design, she served as the series editor for the Fine Gardening Design Guides and also is the prior editor-in-chief of Fine Gardening magazine.

She's motivated from the natural world--that the attractiveness in its design, its earthy colours and textures, its unpredictability and wildness. Her photographs of the sea have been printed from The Mutable Sea, also shown in solo and group exhibitions, also gained national recognition.

Fascinated by the creative process itself, Lee Anne gained a master's degree in Creative Studies in the International Center for Studies in Creativity in SUNY/Buffalo State. Her research on the function of imagination in women's lifestyles along with her job with school girls inspired her to compose Her Own Way: Creating an Authentic Life.

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Deborah Krasner

My publication GOOD MEAT comes straight from their life that I lead in Vermont. I live with a puppy, two cats and my husband in a converted barn in a dirt street. Until very recently we cared for a couple of Icelandic sheep, several dozen laying hens, and a flock of beef birds such as ducks, geese, turkeys, guinea fowl and cows. They all have been pictured in the book, which was photographed in and around my property.

GOOD MEAT is all about finding and cooking sweet and pastured meat. This meat is the contrary of meat -- it's sustainable because it supports diverse ecosystems, and destroys the ground with the ability to absorb nutrients and also encourage grazing animals of the land. Grass-fed and meat is increasingly proven to be better to human health in terms of nutrients and in terms of fat content. As soon as it's lower in fat than industrial meat, what fat there is turns out to be "good" fat. Thinner meat can be complicated to cook so GOOD MEAT is dedicated to revealing cooks how to cook it to benefit, using each part of the animal from nose to tail.

Additionally, GOOD MEAT was made to support those who may want to purchase their beef directly from farmers in whole, half or quarter creature quantities. This meat that is frozen is less costly than buying meat by the bit fresh at retail, but requires that a cut sheet fills out detailing the way they want their beef cut and packaged. With the assistance of butcher Adam Tiberio, GOOD MEAT provides a "decision tree" for every creature, showing how to decide on the best discounts for you and your cooking style. The book is organized by animal, by primal and sub-primal, also from retail cuts, so that everyone can find a recipe for virtually any part, including odd, fat and offal pieces.

Every one of my books are an evaluation, detailing the process of my own understanding. From a

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