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Daniel Fitzpatrick

Daniel Fitzpatrick is a #1 bestselling Australian author and he's a podiatrist. He has written a number of articles, and he has made guest appearances including Channel 9's A Current Affair, on TV. He also showcased in Good Health Magazine. Daniel is a speaker at business conferences. As a clinician, Daniel's main job entails consulting, directing and administering Alternative Foot Solutions, which is a really successful podiatry practice in Sydney, Australia, which excels in Foot Mobilisation Treatment; this service is exceptional in New South Wales, as no additional practice specialises in these remedies.

Daniel lives at Sydney Northern Beaches together with his wife and son; he loves to surf and is a really busy person.

One of the main reasons Daniel chose podiatry was because he was treated by a superb podiatrist when he had been younger, and it made such a favorable impression that he made a decision to go for a career within the area. Daniel qualified as a podiatrist (BappSc (Pod) M.A.Pod A.) in 2002 in the University of Western Sydney.

The first year later he graduated college and started practicing podiatry, Daniel needed a range of successive female patients that presented to him at a brief time period, all in a desperate state. There was a single patient after she had been fitted by him to a set of orthotics a month 27, in particular who introduced in a state that is frustrated. As despite spending hundreds of bucks on a pair of orthotics, she could fit into her sneakers, she was distraught.

The talk turned right into a disagreement about shoes, and she became very emotional about it. Since the orthotics did not fit into her shoes she expressed frustration of not being able to wear shoes which looked great and assuaged her foot discomfort. Daniel believed: ȁ

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Bob Blink

I am a satellite systems engineer that wished to compose. The battles of college, working, or life generally frustrated early attempts. My encounters have been limited so that I have no real combat experience while I was at the Navy for a few years. I attempted a novel I intended to call "The Long March Conspiracy" once I had been operating on a satellite launching in China. I intended for the Chinese rocket that was carrying a US satellite to be dismissed and blown up. But not because of nefarious activities as would have been the case in my plot I had been functioning, the satellite actually did blow off . None the less, it did not appear appropriate to continue with this story. Deficiency of time worked against some other progress.

Many years ago I retired and moved from Los Angeles to Nevada, and discovered that I finally had sufficient time to find out if I could make anything of attention. I write for personal satisfaction, with tales that I find interesting to make. Having said that, I find great pride that a few of you find my writing pleasurable. Some novels are friends or my spouse have indicated they'd like to view. While I understand where a story is meant to go when I start, over once a character in the story has been known to trigger the direction of a narrative to change.

Many individuals have noted in remarks that I might be interested in guns based on the content of of some of the books. I admit I was an active shooting addict at one time, and have tried to interject accuracy in the use of weapons than various other writers. It has long been a hassle to understand if they equip their personalities, how many that are oblivious authors are.

I have a eight year old girl, so writing has to been completed

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