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Disc O Bed 19812 GRN Footlocker Green product image


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WMT14168 1D 8 Person Removable Divider Mattresses product image


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TracRac 21610 Black Short Tundra product image


Disc O Bed 19813 GRN Cabinet Green product image


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Cinidy Bikini Swimwear Bathing blanket product image


Household Essentials 8 Pocket Hanging Organizer product image


Cinidy Beach Chiffon Towels blanket product image


Cinidy Beach Chiffon Towels blanket product image


Bushnell Person Instant Airbeds Yellow product image


SportZ SPORTZ CAMO TRUCK TENT product image

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Our patented ready-to-go system provides a great night's sleep for the extremes of real life. Designed for the demands of disaster relief, troop installation, outdoor fans and in-home users equally, our distinctive bunks make sure you break comfortably wherever space is at a premium.  

You should not have to sacrifice a good night's sleep under extreme conditions. Whether you're trying to maneuver more bikers per tent on your next outdoor experience, preparing for the upcoming all-natural disaster or deploying troops across the planet, you can be contingent on the Disc-O-Bed patented disc system for sleep solutions which are...

  • Unbelievably Bunkable where distance is limited e.g. Tent, dorms and cabins, just bunk 1 cot on another using a quick, no tool assembly
  • Extremely Portable with a convenient carry bag for the fantastic, compact storage and easy transport  
  • Extremely Versatile by only activity converts effortlessly into a sitting bench or two single cots 
  • Extremely Strong steel frame for durability and overall strength that adjusts to uneven ground, with a weight tolerance of 500lbs each cot
  • Extremely Comfortable needing no mattress, without a center brace suitable for both young and old
  • Extremely Hygienic using a Polyester mat That's powerful, quick drying, resistant to extending, mildew and mildew resistant and easily washable 
  • Unbelievably Tried & Tested using supplied the U.S. Military, German Red Cross, US AID, Spanish Military, Canadian Military, Antarctic Expeditions and a number of Emergency response collections around the world
  • Extremely Modular providing lost or spare parts in an open-stock foundation without having to Buy the Whole cot system every time
  • Extremely Adaptable on your requirement with a wide Variety of accessories like a cabinet, side organizer, leg exten

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Household Essentials

Your organization for house every period of the year!

Who are we?

Household Principles (HHE) is an company--manufacturer and distributor--of household goods that reply the common problems of the contemporary home!     We understand the battle of clutter and the chaos of living active, on-the-go lifestyles.     We work hard to bring you creative and WORKABLE solutions to everyday household Issues.    

What exactly do we now have?

We've got a Huge Variety of goods--out of our classic ironing boards to luxury, advanced, engineered varieties for the genuinely selective consumer.     And we conduct a similar gamut in the Majority of our classes: wicker, ornamental living, laundry, ironing, storage and organization for the entire house (kitchen, bath, bedroom, etc.).     Our clothing is handmade and carefully selected for design and quality.     Our storage categories change frequently to bring new colors and patterns to your Dwelling.    

We're really enthusiastic about our European ventures that allow us to attract amazing, high-quality products from Germany, Poland, Portugal, Italy, and much more.    

What is our commitment?

We're committed to providing you the most Traditional products you love and the innovative solutions you need, always with style and integrity.     HHE has long become an expert in storage and laundry, so we happily bring that expertise to you, together with quality products you can trust.     You've found our products in retail shops, though you may not have seen our name.     We are delighted, today, for to know youpersonally, and for you to get acquainted with us.     As always, we value your opinions to make our Services and Products better.    

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