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Melanie White

Hi, my name is Melanie White. I have had a fascination with natural health solutions for many years now. Back in 2002 I had a wake up call of sorts after I was diagnosed and treated for non Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL).

That experience actually changed my life and motivated me to read and research as many books on natural health I could discover. Books on food, lifestyle choices and natural treatments for common ailments. Many of these references were very good but I found them to be very long and detailed.

Lately I decided I wanted to compose short eBooks so as to share a number of those fantastic ideas I have come across. My expectation is to make a series of simple to read health related novels that would help those of you searching for some quick answers. Perhaps you simply don't have the time or patience to browse through many hundred pages of content.

My novels could be considered starting points so I invite you to keep digging out when you discover a topic of interest.

Other books on common disorders and conditions are located in the works.
Stay tuned.

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Pamela M. Clarke

I Had Been born in New Zealand and now Reside in Sydney Australia.

I have always loved feeling healthy and also have become a yoga instructor for 15 years. I studied herbal remedies and understand how foods affect the way we believe. I need to discuss my experiences with how living well and positive thinking can create the life that you always wanted and deserve.

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Sondra Forsyth

I'm Co-Editor-in-Chief of all, the most significant and best health site for 50+ girls since 1997. I am also a experienced freelancer with a National Magazine Award, scores of bylines in major magazines, and also twelve publications to my credit. Previously I had been Executive Editor of Ladies' Home Journal, Features Editor of Cosmopolitan, and Articles Editor of Bride's.

Health and Fitness are one of my favourite beats. My 12th book, "Candida Cleanse: The 21-Day Diet to Conquer Yeast and Feel Your Best", has been published in May 2014 from Ulysses Press. My third book with Marie Savard, M.D., "Ask Dr. Marie: Straight Talk and Reassuring Answers to Your Personal Questions," was printed in August 2009. I won the American Digestive Health Award.

Relationships are just another one of my specialties. For several years I printed or edited the "Can This Marriage Be Saved?" Column in Ladies' Home Journal and I have written first content on relationships with as a contributing editor.

Beyond that, I write storyline non-fiction, psych/self-help bits, and anything else that piques my curiosity! My National Magazine Award was for a narrative non-fiction piece in Good Housekeeping Known as "The Families left."

I'm also a dance critic for plus a Featured Blogger on My passion for dance began in youth and directed me to some performing and teaching profession. I based Ballet Ambassadors, an arts education firm that provides at-risk children the opportunity to share the platform with professional painters, also served as artistic director for 17 decades. Th firm's funders included the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, the New York City Department of Education, Mary Duke Biddle Foundation, and Con Edison Strategic Partnerships, among others.

I hope you like my job! Here's a favorite quote of mine from Alexander Pope:

"True ease in writing comes from art, not cha

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