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Sarah Eliza Louderback

Sarah Eliza Louderback is the author of "Secrets of the Capsule Wardrobe: How To Find Your Personal Style & Produce a Happy, Horrible Closet!"

She found herself in the unlikely place of style professional after her long battle to learn her own closet resulted in a collection of style revelations... the authentic, functional secrets she found hit a cord with her beautiful readers, who had previously longed in vain to get a wardrobe filled with things they really enjoyed, that would mix-and-match smoothly. Sarah Eliza strives for empowerment and a lifetime well-lived on her site Devastate Boredom -- find how your clothing options could be a vehicle of self-actualization and enjoyable, and join her on the journey!

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Renee Herrington

Renee motivates people to follow their dreams to pursue wellness, and also to lead a passionate life. Through her writing, she shares the secrets to abundance via minimalism and simplicity. She has discovered some techniques to maximize her own time to be able to make room for what matters 26, and how to manage her money. She assists by combining the strategies that have been effective for 16, others design their lifestyle. She's found happiness and balance in a planet that was fast-paced, and now her aim is to show her readers how they can achieve success.

Since the bestselling Amazon Author of "The French Diet", Registered Nurse, parent, along with former teacher, Renee has learned the craft of creating time to look after herself while still fulfilling her responsibilities and meeting the needs of a busy lifestyle. She loves to travel to hang out with her family and friends, and also to spend time outside.

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Hannah Hannigan

Hello everyone,

My name is Hannah and I am a true believer in minimalism.

Decluttering my house and my entire life has literally changed everything for me. Now, I'm sharing story and my tips because I know that simplifying your world does not need to be difficult, or boring for that issue. You become more aligned with who you are, learn on your own and can enjoy the process.

Minimalism has transformed my life and I am hoping I can help and change yours !

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Allyssa Dziurlaj

Allyssa Dziurlaj is the writer of The Capsule Wardrobe: The 7 Step Guide to Creating a Cohesive Closet. She's passionate feminist, an outdoor enthusiast and health advocate. She is’ number one fan. She's presently.

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