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BOS Amazing Sealing Litter Disposal product image


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Earth Rated 225 Count X Large Lavender Scented product image

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How it all started............. .

From the late 1990's Betsy Lipscomb, a cat behaviorist, cat fan and creator of SmartCat® understood that individuals surrendered their cats to shelters because they did not know how to change unwanted behaviours. Cat owners were so unhappy with cats with furniture and rugs to do what came natural to them --scratching. Most believed de-clawing was the only response, it isn't! For Betsy, this was a call to action. She began Cats International, a free hotline to help individuals solve their cat behavior problems. For years Betsy fielded thousands of calls from distressed cat owners looking for alternatives. Still on her assignment today you'll be able to go to to find out about humane solutions for feline behavioral problems.

Early on Betsy started gathering wooden fencing posts from her farm in Wisconsin. She wrapped them sisal rope and mounted them on solid wood foundations. Her sole goal of producing these posts was to ship them into pet parents who needed assistance with scratching behaviors. People were astonished to find out that the scratching post solved their difficulties. These posts became hugely popular and shortly Betsy was creating up to 50 per month by hand.

Betsy decided that she wished to start a business whose sole mission was to enhance our animals' quality of life, by providing for their behavioural needs. The end result was our flagship product, the supreme Scratching Post. Thus SmartCat® began.

We're no longer a farmhouse operation, but a mission and fantasy come true. Our trio of brands is one that pet enthusiasts have come to love and trust. The mission however, has never changed -- to supply superior products which will enhance the standard of life for both pets and their owners. All of our products are designed by behaviour experts, in addition to being widely tested and accepted prior to reaching the market. Go to for additional informaiton.

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You love your pets and need them to be secure and happy. At PetSafe we make innovative products that attract you and your furry friend nearer together.

That is why PetSafe is the world's leading developer of product solutions for  cats and dogs.   Our broad line of pet containment products, fountains and collars, treats and toys and training and bark control   products are intended to offer you peace of mind and to improve your pet's quality of life every day.

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Our vision & mission. We are passionate about pets and their households. As a worldwide leader of solutions and excellence in the pet industry, we are dedicated to providing fun, reliable, quality goods to improve the lives of animals and their own families.

Our narrative. It had been 50 years ago that Petmate created the first dog kennel in our home office in Arlington, Texas. It's our passion for pets which drove us then and continues today.

What began with kennels has grown to encompass a full line of products and solutions for your pet industry and, even more importantly, pet families. A number of our products are created in that same mill that created the world's very first kennel.

Petmate, an international firm, continues to create a number of our goods in the USA at our production facilities in Arlington, Texas. We supply a lot of the vinyl we use at our manufacturing from our Spectrum Plastics Facility, also based in Arlington. It is at this award winning manufacturing performance that we create almost 80 million pounds of resin each year. We buy post-industrial, pre-consumer, recyclable materials to decrease our carbon footprint. In addition, we use eco-friendly manufacturing methods to make sure that our pets and their households have a beautiful world to perform.

We are proud that our production facility was given the Edison Green Award, to be "a leader in globally understanding, honoring and fostering innovation and innovators to create a positive influence on the planet." At Petmate, we are committed to improving the lives of pets and their owners every day.

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sWheat Scoop

Let's get scientific to get a moment here. Traditional litter is constructed of clay that's processed through strip mining. This involves the removal of trees, shrubs, and woods to get buried deposits of the profitable materials underneath. So, you guessed it, strip mining is extremely disruptive to plant and animal life in the area, and contamination issues are widespread. Also, traditional jumble includes hazardous compounds like sodium bentonite and crystalline silica. Conversely, sWheat Scoop is farmer grown, ground upwards and then ripped for buy. It's that easy.

There is a simple science to why we chose to earn cat mess out of 100% wheatgerm. After the wheat is ground, the production process exposes antioxidants and antioxidants that give rise to the sWheatness of our product. The 100% linoleic wheat enzymes neutralize the odor whereas the starch assists with clumping. Thus, together with wheat, we've been able to make life simpler for cats, people and Earth.

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