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Rio Grande Games

One benefit of those games is that they encourage social activity both in your family and among friends. They are especially interested in getting families to play those games together. Playing with good games together is a terrific way for families to spend social time together. Since these games require that players make decisions on each turn throughout the game, players cannot rely on luck. Therefore, these games reward great choices. When kids play these games in a household setting, they know that the choices they make are significant. We think that the lessons kids learn while playing our games will be carried into their lives and they will understand that making good decisions in life leads to the exact excellent results as they do in games.

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Stephanie Garber

Stephanie Garber grew up in northern California, in which she had been often compared to other fictional characters with wild arenas and streaks, Jo March, along with Anne Shirley. Stephanie teaches creative writing, and also dreams of her experience, if she s writing.

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