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Lianna Marie

Inspired by her mom who has lived with and fought with the illness for 25 years, writer Lianna Marie wrote Everything you have to know About Parkinson’s and founded the website So far, the website has had over a million visitors and the book was offered in 47 countries. When she’s not writing you’ll find her at a pool training for another competition. Lianna resides with her husband and two large maintenance cats in Kirkland, WA.

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Erin Lee

Erin Lee is currently an independent writer and therapist living together with her family in New Hampshire. She is the author of Crazy Just Like Me, a novel published in 2015 by Savant Books and Publications, LLC, Wave into Papa, 2015, by Limitless Publishing and Nine Lives, 2016 and After I'm Dead, 2016. She’s also writer of Limitless’ Alters, the initial publication at the “Lola, Party of Series,” Host, and Merge, the final books in the Set.

Lee maintains a master’so degree in psychology and works with at-risk families as a home based adviser and court appointed special kids’so advocate. As a therapist, Lee is enthusiastic about wellness and helping. She contributed to the Semi Colon Job Anonymous anthology, using a revised excerpt of When I &’m Dead—“One Good Reason”—responsible for raising cash toward suicide prevention and recognition. Her story, “? ” Thirteen anthology will soon be showcased Limitless & #x2019, to be published in October and aimed at raising cash.

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Kara Tippetts

The Overdue Kara Tippetts was That the author of This Hardest Peace (Champion of the 2015 Christian Book Prize® in the Inspiration Class) and blogged faithfully in

Cancer was just component of Kara’s story. Her actual struggle was to truly live while facing a devastating reality. Since her death in March 2015, her husband, Jason, is parenting their four kids and leading the church they found in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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Deborah J. Cornwall

Deborah J. Cornwall is a breast cancer survivor and advocate on behalf of cancer patients and their health professionals. She has been connected to its Cancer Action Network and the American Cancer Society as a volunteer leader since 1994, performing a variety of regional, local, and federal functions and serving as a media spokesperson before audiences. Back in May 2013, the New England Division and National American Cancer Society Boards of Directors unanimously awarded her the St. George National Award recognizing her most significant professional and personal contributions to the struggle against cancer. In 2014 she received that the Lorin Lavidor Caregiver Award for Cancer Survivorship.

Her passion to write her first book (Things I Wish I'd Known: Cancer Caregivers Talk Out) was sparked by her interaction with cancer patients and caregivers in the Society's AstraZeneca Hope Lodge Center at Boston. Both in the Society's AstraZeneca Hope Lodge and inside her community, '' she came in contact with individuals whose cancer caregiving along with survival stories more tried than her identification and therapy.

Generous with their stories, the 95 interviewed professionals (who arrived from 19 countries and represented 117 patients using over 40 different cancer diagnoses) felt a strong desire to be heard and to share the lessons they had learned (often the hard way). She realized she can use her writing and interviewing abilities to help them do this. These ingredients hatched a fantasy that made Things I Wish I had recognized a fact.

Her second novel,Things I Wish I Had Known: Medication and Children, draws on that basis by providing guidance to adults on the best way best to help them understand the effects of cancer on their families' lives and how to engage children in the caregiving procedure in pave ways. Its writing was inspired by

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Stan Goldberg

I'm a person living with cancer, Professor Emeritus who educated, researched, provided treatment, and published in the fields of learning issues, communication disorders, reduction, shift and issues. For eight years I was now and a hospice volunteer counsel health professionals.

I look, with no charge in bookclubs within 25 miles of San Francisco and on Skype (computer video) through the world. I offer workshops around the planet on reduction, change, and issues. When time allows, I consult individuals and corporations on topics of organizational and personal shift.

My printed articles vary in the comedy of being made to ride an angry horse to the open range into the deep spirituality undergone holding somebody since they died. My site, radio/tv interviews, downloadable posts, and my entire resume can be found on

Don't hesitate to contact me for media interviews, demonstrationsand workshops, training, and consulting

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