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Addie McGee Hunter

Addie McGee-Hunter was born on June 3rd, 2013 at Manawa, Wisconsin. No matter the date is not a typo; it is fact. Addie McGee-Hunter is my nom de plume. You can say I have changed my name to protect the innocent, and my own privacy. Anyway, my given name is not just eye catching scrawled throughout a book cover.

As an avid reader I'd always wanted to write a book; I just didn't know what sort. The book style changed in my mind over the years since my preferences changed from Little House on the Prairie into Nancy Drew, from Trixie Beldon to Stephen King, from Dean Koontz into Stephanie Plum; well you get the idea. 1 day at mid-winter when the cold winds were blowing, the fever was stagnant and joyful at anything under zero and the power had been out for two weeks, I decided since I had nothing better to do compared to simply freeze to death I could also take the initial step into writing my introduction book. I took pencil in frigid hand and six months later here I am a published author! Yes, the power was finally restored and once I shifted to my pragmatic MAC, I was quite grateful for that particular advance of guy.

I was really born in Kaukauna, Wisconsin several years ago and lived most of my entire life in that area before my husband and I first proceeded to Manawa many years back. Let me tell you, living this has been an adventure up to now! Some of those experiences were inspiration for events in my very first book and I am certain that I'll be adding a lot of these in my second! As any great author says, write about what you understand. . .so I've. Read my book and attempt to choose which of the events were inspired by my real life experiences and that are just from my own imagination. 1 tip I will provide you, the journal isn't among them!

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