The Best Cat Boxes - October 2020

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Catit Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter product image


Booda Petmate Cleanstep Brushed Nickel product image


Natures Miracle High Sided Litter P 82035 product image


IRIS Top Entry Litter White product image


Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter product image


Purina Tidy Cats BREEZE Litter product image


Omega Paw NRA15 1 Improved Cleaning product image


AmazonBasics Hooded Cat Litter Large product image


Merry Products Washroom Bench White product image

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You love your pets and need them to be secure and happy. At PetSafe we make innovative products that attract you and your furry friend nearer together.

That is why PetSafe is the world's leading developer of product solutions for  cats and dogs.   Our broad line of pet containment products, fountains and collars, treats and toys and training and bark control   products are intended to offer you peace of mind and to improve your pet's quality of life every day.

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New Age Pet

Pinta International Inc. is the US based subsidiary of Hang Wing Environmental Company Ltd., a  producer of a wide assortment of products in its own factory in Shantou, China. Pinta makers innovative, ecofriendly products which are safe for your pets, your homes and you. Doing business as New Age Pet and New Age Garden, Pinta continues to push the eco friendly boundaries, with new designs, new creations and new colours.   With 68 current products and lots of new items launching in 2016, Pinta is focused on growing their market presence in a brand new way.

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Way Basics

From our product names to the way we work with customers and associates, we love to keep things easy and easy. We put a great deal of consideration to our products and work to attain simple yet effective solutions. An eco-company? Yes. A green business? Yes. However, these are not our selling things. We're not even being green to be different. We just are since it is basically right.

How did the name manner Basics come about?

Our name clarifies how people, as a business, are doing things in a different way and catering for our customer's lifestyles. All our products are easy and introduced back to the fundamentals, so they can fit in your dwelling. The product, your house, your way... Way Basics.

What does the square logo signify?

Our emblem goes back into the idea of simplicity, while still evoking thoughts of sustainability and nature during the brown and green coloring. Notice the way the outside square is a little tilted in our logo? That's because we are a exceptional company, and we like to get things our way, to benefit our clients, no matter how 'tilted' it sounds. The last piece is the green inner square which represents our heartfelt commitment to protect the environment through our products and business philosophy.

Building Possibilities

Our tagline: "construction possibilities" describes all parts of our company. From assisting you "construct" your career, to assisting a client "construct" a furniture option, we are constantly building possibilities. With one look at our products, customers instantly observe the possibilities of creating Way Principles in their lives. The Cube could possibly be a storage unit to a college student, a stool for a toddler, or even a footrest to a musician. That is why we don't categorize our furniture as "children" or "office" and instead, leave this up to your way!

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Our vision & mission. We are passionate about pets and their households. As a worldwide leader of solutions and excellence in the pet industry, we are dedicated to providing fun, reliable, quality goods to improve the lives of animals and their own families.

Our narrative. It had been 50 years ago that Petmate created the first dog kennel in our home office in Arlington, Texas. It's our passion for pets which drove us then and continues today.

What began with kennels has grown to encompass a full line of products and solutions for your pet industry and, even more importantly, pet families. A number of our products are created in that same mill that created the world's very first kennel.

Petmate, an international firm, continues to create a number of our goods in the USA at our production facilities in Arlington, Texas. We supply a lot of the vinyl we use at our manufacturing from our Spectrum Plastics Facility, also based in Arlington. It is at this award winning manufacturing performance that we create almost 80 million pounds of resin each year. We buy post-industrial, pre-consumer, recyclable materials to decrease our carbon footprint. In addition, we use eco-friendly manufacturing methods to make sure that our pets and their households have a beautiful world to perform.

We are proud that our production facility was given the Edison Green Award, to be "a leader in globally understanding, honoring and fostering innovation and innovators to create a positive influence on the planet." At Petmate, we are committed to improving the lives of pets and their owners every day.

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