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Particular Paws

Particular Paws is a firm who is dedicated to pets wellness. If you like your pet as much as we love ours afterward you'll understand why we are passionate about attempting to market products which are beneficial to your pets health and wellbeing.

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Mediterranean Gold

Mediterranean Gold is the model of a current scientific discovery in deodorization. Chemists in Cordoba Spain - the world's leading olive producing area - were searching for different uses for the byproduct of Olive Production. Specifically they were searching for something much more beneficial than simply burning the waste for electricity, that had become the practice for a long time. 1 scientist noted that when a certain heating system was implemented, something almost magical occurred, and the freshwater pits were changed at the molecular level.

Olives Have An Essential...  

When warmed in a really special manner, Olive Pitts blossom, developing a distinctive molecular structure - creating literally tens of thousands of microscopic chambers and channels, radically decreasing the complete surface area.   In fact, the surface area is so increased, that One gram of the product (a teaspoon of Olive Pitt Biochar), even when unfolded and spread flat, would cover the surface region of an Whole football field!    

Surface area is important, because odor molecules are drawn to the Activated surface of the charcoal by electrostatic charge, in which they stick - and are neutralized. The greater surface area, the more odor molecules trapped and removed.     Because of it's special molecular structure, the triggered Charcoal is Supercharged; 1 teaspoon of Mediterranean Gold gets the Odor eliminating capacity of a soccer area of Baking Soda.

More powerful than Baking Soda, Zeolite or alternative chemically processed alternatives, Coconut Carbon, as well as Bamboo Carbon. In other words, Mediterranean Gold is the most powerful odor remover on the industry.

But it's also the very tender; Mediterranean Gold Cat Litter Odor Control is now Endorsed by over 100 leading Veterinarians in the USA, as well as having won the Official Seal Of Spain (Mediterranean Gold is produced from Cordoba, Spain).

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