The Best Cat Urine Odor Remover - September 2021

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Professional Strength Stain Odor Eliminator product image


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Angry Orange Eliminator Industrial Strength product image


Natures Miracle Advance Stain Eliminator product image


Commercial Cleaner Pet Eliminator Enzymatic Remover Remove product image


Mister Max Original Remover Gallon product image


Thornell CO OC THORNELL Cat Odor Off Concentrate product image


Natures Miracle Urine Destroyer Foam product image


Simple Solution Extreme Remover Pro Bacteria product image

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Simple Solution

We have been a trusted name for more than 30 years. Our full line of pet merchandise is created for those discriminating pet parents who wish to provide their pet owners the most best.

  • Training options
  • Diapers
  • Pads
  • Stain & odor alternatives

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Hello, my name is Kyle, and I'm the creator and owner of Pawstruck. When my dog, Tyson, was a puppy, I visited a pet shop to get him a few treats and noticed a disturbing trend. Everything had artificial ingredients. The ingredient lists appeared like gibberish because of the intricate technological jargon (ascorbyl palmitate, hydrogenated hydrolysate, glucosamine hydrochloride...huh???). .

I began searching the internet in the hopes of locating treats and chews which were healthy, normal, and moderately priced. What I was searching for just was not offered. Throughout that frustration came my inspiration for creating Pawstruck.   Tyson and I now provide dogs all over the U.S.A with  high-quality, natural and very affordable pet treats and chews!

It did not take long for fellow pet owners out there to grab on. We're so grateful for all those of you--both canines and people--who supported our philosophies and business. For those who haven't already, we trust you will  shop together and combine the   Pawstruck Pack!

Kyle & Tyson

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