The Best Chai Oolong Tea - April 2021

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VAHDAM SAMPLER Assorted Tea Black Flavored product image


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THE CHAI COMPANY Spicy Oolong Chai 946 ML product image


Scented Candles Coffee Shop Maharaja Chai Oolong Tea Jamin Silver Needle Pack of 3 Soy Aromatherapy product image


VAHDAM Variety FLAVOURS Winning Sampler product image


Teavana Maharaja Chai Loose Leaf Oolong Tea 16oz 1lb product image


VAHDAM Original Oz Perfect Cinnamon Cardamom product image

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Good Earth

We do not stick to the ordinary stuff.

We're Great Earth and we make tea. But we don't just stick to the ordinary stuff. We search out the exotic. The sudden. The moments where you really can let loose. Because that's what tea should do. And so that's how we make it.

We've been at this for 40+ years, planting our origins in the 1970s using all our Sweet & Spicy® which went out of a neighborhood favorite to a country-wide "tell my buddies but do not take mine" tea. Great Earth now has teas which span all kinds of tea varietals, herbs, botanicals and flavors ... naturally great things carefully selected and masterfully combined together for a one-of-a-kind taste experience.

It isn't easy being good but someone has to take action.

We care about you and the entire world so we're not just sitting around, we are out there walking the talk (occasionally biking or running it but you get the idea).

Join the experience

We've traveled many roads through the years - figuring out who we are, what we would like to be, the way to connect with folks. But at the center of it, we want tea to be a superb experience with endless possibilities to explore. And therefore we create fascinating mixtures that beg to be tasted. Come together, drink in such wondrous fusions and surprise your sensations with each sip!

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