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We take cheese and all meals seriously. Food waste is the enermy and we supply the very best defense. Stop wasting expensive cheese that goes bad before you're able to finish it. We have been striving to maintain cheese lasting longer since 2006. With additon of our Reusable and Recyclable Food Storage Bags will be on a mission to reduce all food waste. Our products make eveythign last more, try them today.

Formaticum.  noun.  In the Latin origins forma, to shape or mould, and aticum, to age. Vulgar Latin "formaticum" was first used by Roman Legionnaires to describe compressed curds of milk utilized as meals; a particular type of cheese produced in a mould.   Etymology: M.L. caseus formatus; Greek formos.  Modern use: Fr. fromage; It. formaggio.

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We have always been curious about ways to live a healthier lifestyle. We began our business with all our nut milk bag because we understood that what was provided on the market needed improvement and it's been a massive success. We understood that there are so many people like us who do not want chemicals in their own food or in their own bodies. Nowadays most products have ingredients which are suspicious. Its really become difficult to understand what is really secure. Thus, we have made it a point to find products that enhance the natural lifestyle that we want to reside. We have expanded our line to add usefull merchandise for your house.  

We offer an UNCONDITIONAL LOVE IT GUARANTEE on All our goods.  We guarantee to always do our very best to bring you pure well-made products that you will love. If you ever have a issue, please let us know and we will make sure it gets repaired.  

Mike & Athena Owen

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