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Top Chick Lit Bestsellers 2015 Brands

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When I graduated college, one of my buddies said, "Look out for this; she's going to be a writer one day." Regardless of being an avid reader and a pure storyteller, it wasn't until that very instant that the idea of writing novels occurred to me personally.

Occasionally our friends may observe the items that we can't.

While I didn't begin straight away, this comment sowed a seed and several years, two children, and hundreds of thousands of words later, I finished a book that I felt was worthy of publication. The end result was Coming Home for Christmas, a heart-warming narrative about the magic of love in Christmas, also 2017 TV movie on The Hallmark Channel.

The rest is history.

When I am not writing, I am a mother of two boys and a wife to a very supportive husband.

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Jenny Hale

When I graduated college, one of my friends said, "Watch out for this one; she's going to become an author one day." Regardless of being an avid reader and a natural storyteller, it wasn't until that very instant that the notion of writing books occurred to me personally.

Sometimes our friends may see the things that we can not.

While I didn't begin straight away, this comment sowed a seed and many years, two children, and thousands and thousands of words later, I finished a novel that I felt was worthy of book. The result has been Coming Home for Christmas, a heart-warming story about the magic of love at Christmas, and 2017 TV film on The Hallmark Channel.

The rest is history.

When I am not writing, I'm a mom of 2 sons and a wife to a very supportive husband.

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Gill Paul

Gill Paul is a writer of historical fiction, specialising in recent history. Her new novel, The Secret Wife, is about the love affair between cavalry officer Dmitri Malama and also Grand Duchess Tatiana, the second girl of Russia’s final tsar, who first met in 1914. It’s also about a young girl in 2016 deciding whether to forgive her husband after an infidelity.

Gill’therefore other novels include Women and Children First, on a youthful lady who operates on the Titanic; The Affair, place in Rome in 1961–62 as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton fall in love whilst creating Cleopatra; and No Place for a Lady, about two Victorian sisters who travel out to the Crimean War of 1854–56 and face challenges beyond anything they might have imagined.

Gill also writes historic non-fiction, including A History of Medicine in 50 Items (to be printed 1st October 2016) and a collection of Love Stories, each comprising fourteen stories of real-life partners: how they met, why they fell for each other, and what happened in the ending. Published around the globe, this show includes Royal Love Stories, World War I Love Stories and Titanic Love Stories.

Gill was born in Scotland and grew up there, apart from a year in college in West Virginia when she was ten years. She examined Medicine at Glasgow University, then English Literature and History (she had been a student for a very long time), before moving to London to work in publishing. She started her own business producing publications for publishers, and how editing these luminaries as Griff Rhys Jones, John Suchet, John Julius Norwich, Ray Mears and Eartha Kitt. She also writes on health, nourishment and connections.

Gill swims yearlong in an open up pond – "It is good for you provided that it does not kill you"– also is now a devotee of both Pilates. She also especially enjoys travelling on what she calls "research

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Nadia M. Joliet

Nadia M. Joliet writes modern romance and erotic romance, and several of her tales revolve around the transformative effects of travel. She grew up travel, and as a child and adolescent lived in the United States, France, Indonesia, and Australia, as well also as a writer is drawn to traveling for the ways that exciting new connections and possibilities are formed when people are pulled out of the comfort zones.

Nadia Is Living in Portland, Oregon, along with her husband, Mark, and a Siamese cat named Harold. In her free time, she loves painting, biking, and cooking, also considers few problems can't be solved with good business, a fantastic meal, and a glass or two of red wine.

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Helen Phifer

I live in a small town called Barrow-in-Furness, England and have done since I was born, it gets some bad press but it truly is a fantastic spot to live. We are surrounded by beaches and really near the Lake District in which I tend to spend at least one of the days away from work, sitting in a coffee store in Bowness-on-Windermere or checking out the second hand shops. I have always loved writing and reading and began my writing trip back in my twenties after reading a book I thought wasn't that great, it prompted me to see if I could compose my own. In addition, I like to read scary books but after I filmed every Stephen King and James Herbert novel there was together with many more I determined that there weren't enough of the novels out there that I love to see so I set out to compose The Ghost House.
I am a member of the Crime Writers Association and the Romantic Novelists Association.
I love antiques, frightening pictures, listening to my IPod shuffle when I'm writing, coffee, cake, chocolate, wine. My five nearly grown up kids and my three year-old granddaughter.

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Zara Stoneley

Zara Stoneley writes heartwarming, humorous tales about village life, and 'Summer using all the Country Village Vet' is your very first book in her brand new cosy love collection.

She is also author of the popular Tippermere series. Place in Cheshire, '' 'Stable Mates', 'Country Affairs' and 'Country Rivals' transfer you to a universe of glamorous country property, horses, WAG's, secrets and scandal.

Zara was created in a little village in Staffordshire and wanted to be James Herriot if she climbed up. After completing an IT level, working as an advisor, running a dog grooming business, teaching, and working at a veterinary practice she decided she'd more than enough stuff to write a few books even though she'd never be eligible as a vet!

She lives in a Cheshire village along with her family, a adorable cockapoo, and a very bossy cat, and enjoys spending time in sunny Barcelona.

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Where you can find her-

Twitter: @ZaraStoneley

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Sophie Pembroke

Sophie Pembroke was writing romance for decades, ever since she stayed up all night reading Mills and Boon books as part of her English degree at Lancaster University. She enjoys to set her contemporary love stories in the areas she's lived - from the wilds of the Welsh hills, into the gentile humor of this British country village, and also the heat and stress of a London summer. She also has a tendency to make her characters kiss in castles.

Presently, she makes her home in Hertfordshire, with her husband and kid. She writes love stories in her small spare room office, while consuming too much tea and eating homemade cakes. Or, when things are looking very bad for her heroes and heroines, white wine and black chocolate.

Sophie maintains a website at, which should be about romance and composing, but is generally about castles and cake rather.

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