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Traditional Medicinals

In 1974, neighborhood activist Drake Sadler and fourth-generation herbalist Rosemary Gladstar started Traditional Medicinals, an herbal herbal tea firm. With the goal of reviving herbalism from North America , they traveled to the origin of medicinal plants often in remote, rural places. In their journeys they have been shocked to discover the bad social, working and living conditions of those mostly native and impoverished herb farmers and crazy collectors.

Following the principles of "right livelihood" the company initiated a new ethical sourcing design by promoting organic agriculture, creating long-term honorable and fair trading associations, and investing in those sourcing communities.

Over four years later, our teas are still invented by herbalists, hailed sensibly, and analyzed for quality by plant scientists. Our purposeful mission continues through your conscious choice to support Traditional Medicinals. Thank you.

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I created MY RED TEA Organic products   to  discuss all of the advantages of our 100% USDA Certified Organic, natural and pure Rooibos.
Our Rooibos is unique single origin tea by a carefully chosen farm that shares our values.

MY RED TEA is purposeful.   I made  MY RED TEA to include you, it's   your red tea, your health and your  well being.
It also belongs to the farmers and plantation workers, its their  red tea also and they are proud of it.
10% of the profits encourage education and culture in our Rooibos farming communities (we made our first contribution to a college for farmworkers in September 2016).

No funny stuff! All our products are free from additives, colorants or any other synthetic ingredients,  just 100 percent Organic and natural.

It's also great  for your environment.   I'm a  Mother of two boys (South African) and now that I want all of us to enjoy this planet for a great while yet -- that means creating something that is sustainable and natural.
No irrigation can be used for MY RED TEA Rooibos which grows in drought like conditions, saving valuable water resources.
We crop by hand in much the exact same way as it has been for centuries.
Remember that each time you employ  MY RED TEA Organic products, your body thanks you, the community thanks you and the entire world thanks you.

Known to generations of South Africans (I'm a South African), Rooibos is naturally high in anti-oxidants, caffeine-free and exploding with vitamins and minerals.

We are so proud that we can share products with those who care about renewable, natural, single origin and high quality products which respect the communities where we grow.

Kim Koen
Creator - MY RED TEA

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Herb Pharm

Herb Pharmâ„¢ is a grower and manufacturer of certified organic medicinal herbs and herbal healthcare solutions. By utilizing the latest technology and demonstrated clinical practices in tandem with ancient healing traditions, Herb Pharm provides a pure path to health.

Treat yourself to better health.

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