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Fly safer with FARO Aviation merchandise.   Faro Aviation, subsidiary of UNorth LLC (created in 1999), is a independently owned and controlled Aviation Supplier. Our company originally focused on aviation applications and integration of aircraft devices, and internet based scheduling and plane maintenance program.  

Faro Aviation next concentrated on fulfilling customized, top-of-the-line aviation headphones for high-volume clients, including airlines, government entities, sensitive aviation applications, and flight schools. The end result was a selection of highly complex Faro aviation supplies that are in use today.  

Beginning in 2010, Faro headphones will also be available on direct sale, using the exact same specific quality as customized orders. Faro headsets supply the state-of-the-art engineering, three-year replacement guarantee program, and take CE and FCC standards.  

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Comply™ Premium Foam Earphone Tips will be the original earphone replacement hints. Produced in the USA, the unique Comply tips are engineered using super-soft memory foam technologies which softens and conforms to the contour of the ear canal at body temperature creating a custom, dynamic, snug fit.     Precision-engineered shapes and exclusive materials supply you with the sound, feel and fit you crave out of your earphones. This is comfort, noise, and isolation like never before. Fueled by passion to get sound. Invented by science-loving nerds. That is the noise of sciencefiction.

5 distinct models (100, 200, 400, 500 and 600) to be compatible with all the significant earphone brands. Check here to ensure your earphone compatibility:

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