The Best Clocking - January 2020

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Craig P. Kelly

Craig P. Kelly is the pioneer of the fabled fiction genre 'time-travel-comedy-adventure-nonsense'. Three novels have been written by him but lives in the hope that his future self can send him some more.

Craig is currently employed as a 'person of leisure'. This is much more time consuming than you may imagine, but he tries to find the opportunity to 'do some composing' in and one of the spurious pursuits that sap away daily.

Craig can be coaxed out of the house with the guarantee of a geocache and can, when pressed, dabble in amateur theater. He sometimes chases a round piece of leather round in the name of keep-fit. Occasionally he is not injured. But not often.

Craig is from the north west of England but is currently living in Abu Dhabi.

It is possible to support Craig by reviewing his novels, liking him on Facebook ( or following him Twitter (@CraigPKelly). You may see his website at

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Perry Ellis

Perry Ellis, the designer, never believed style needs to be taken too seriously. In reality, his carefree approach and unexpected candor is exactly what made him a design innovator. He created easy and modern collections which were in such high demand that he redefined the principles of layout. Winner of eight Coty awards as well as the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Fashion Award, Perry Ellis paved the way for its brand's role in the fashion business. Perry Ellis continues the brand legacy, and provides contemporary clothing that reflect the classic and effortless way guys want to work, play and live now. Our product is designed so you've got the freedom to be yourself and love uncomplicated style. Perry Ellis continues to give fresh, modern styles, an updated play on the classics imbued with a humor and a wink that offers a breath of clean air.

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