The Best Cocaine Divas - September 2022

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Kathy Brandt

Kathy Brandt and her son, Max Maddox, are the author of Walks on the Margin: A Story of Emotional Illness. Kathy is the receiver of the 2012 NAMI Award for her outstanding support and can be an active voice for mental health difficulties. She's also the writer of the Underwater Investigation series featuring SCUBA diver and underwater crime scene detective, Hannah Sampson. The Denver Post calls the string "A Plunge into regeneration." Kathy taught writing in the University of Colorado for ten years. She resides in Colorado. See her site:

Max Maddox has a BA in philosophy from Grinnell College and an MFA from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, where he had been nominated for the Joan Mitchell Award and obtained the Fellowship Trust celebrity. He's shown his work at galleries such as The Slought Foundation, The Print Center of Philadelphia, along with the Ellen Powell Tiberino Memorial Museum. He was the most preparator, photographer, and curator in the Sun King Gallery along with Pyramid Museum in Philadelphia and helper to artist and curator Richard Torchia, Director of Arcadia University Gallery. He resides in Colorado in which he teaches and continues to pursue his career in art.

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