The Best Coconut Oil Bar Soap - April 2021

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Kirks Original Castile Fresh Ounces product image


Moisturizing Pure Coconut Irritated Itchy product image


Naturals Moisturizing Organic Coconut Nourishes product image


Toms Maine Natural Beauty Coconut product image


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Crate 61 Coconut certified manufacturer product image


SPIRULINA Moisturizing Therapeutic Grade Australian Essential product image


Activated Charcoal Rose Clay 10 5 product image


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Sunaroma Soap Bar Coconut 8 Ounce 236ml 3 Pack product image


Lavender Handmade Moisturizing Therapeutic Grade Essential product image


Kiss My Face Coconut Butter product image

Top Coconut Oil Bar Soap Brands

Dr. Squatch

Dr. Squatch Soap Co.  began as the Creator Jack was Setting in grueling hours Within a IT Consultant in Chicago. This was the beginning to a great "profession", but the job has been far from rewarding.

An entrepreneur in mind and also a lover of all things natural due to a skin ailment, Jack was intent on striking off to his own and creating a company that set out a product that he truly cared about. When he was not traveling around the country for work or spending long days at the office, he was up late at night exploring all from Paleo diets into vegetarian body care. While doing his research, he found that commercial, mass-produced soap not only contains harmful chemicals, but is also devoid of these nourishing, good-for-your-skin ingredients.

He also noticed that there was not a company out there who was creating honest, all-natural soap for dudes at a affordable price. He utilized his precious spare hours tinkering with soap recipes in Chicago and finally stumbled on one to bring the concept to life. While producing small batches, then he assembled a website on the fly, educated himself some online marketing techniques, and packed orders with his mom on weekends.

Word slowly got out, along with his childhood buddy who was residing in Colorado, '' AJ, requested a bar. All it took was just one shower for him to know that he not only believed in this item, but also the larger mission of the provider. After some negotiations, both decided they would enter into a partnership. They quit their day jobs, packed their luggage, moved out West, and jumped headfirst into Dr. Squatch.

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