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Ozark Trail 24 Can Collapsible Red product image


Cold Polar Absolute Zero Compartments product image


PackIt Freezable 18 Can Cooler Charcoal product image


Portable Folding Chair Built Cooler product image


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Ozark Trail 24 Can Collapsible Cooler product image


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KOSOX Collapsible Multilayer Waterproof Management product image

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It's hard to believe today, but there was a time when the world had to withstand deceiving "coolers." Consider it: Insulated bags are called coolers for many years but they have never really chilled whatever. They just disappointed. PackIt was the first company to need a much better solution and deliver the smart, unexpected cooling that families have always deserved.  

PackIt is the smartest, simplest way to keep drinks and food cool everywhere. Our bags operate just like a refrigerator in the go, continually chilling your food and beverages for as much as ten hours. The secret is in the cooler's freezable gel liner. Simply store the entire bag in the freezer immediately. When the bag is rooted, its walls create waves of cold air that chill your meals and drinks from all possible sides. PackIt's patented built-in technology retains items cool all day without ever having ice packs. It's so strong that it may even drop the temperature of liquids 25 levels within the first hour. That is correct--it actually makes room-temperature items chilly. PackIt's cooling power is so durable that you may safely bring home leftovers within our cooler bag, reducing waste and saving you cash--a win-win!

As concerned parents, we also go above and beyond to ensure all PackIt soft sided coolers are lead-free, PVC-free, BPA-free are all food safe and nontoxic. All parts of PackIt's insulated coolers have been rigorously analyzed both by specialist, third-party reviewers and from tens of thousands of inquisitive customers in the home.

On top of that, our luggage fold up for compact storage in your freezer and are all set to go when you are.

Fold Up, Freeze, Pack & Move!

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