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Gallery Glass Window 16081 Crystal product image


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GM 2 Color Blind Corrective Glasses product image


MIU COLOR Glass Water Bottle product image


F color iPhone Protector Tempered Warranty product image


Gallery Glass Window 17030 31 Colors product image


Miracolors Colors Fillers 12 19mm Approx product image


Magnifying Glasses Assorted Discontinued manufacturer product image


Protector Electroplating Ballistic F colorTM Protection product image


Gallery Glass 2 Ounce PROMOGGI 18 Colors product image


Gallery Glass Beginner 2 Ounce GG8SET product image

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Welcome to MIU COLOR, at which everything we do would be inspired by you also created by MIU! We're a international retailer of top home and personal goods based in San Jose, CA in 2009. Our product lines range from house décor and office equipment to kitchen appliances and outdoors/travel accessories. We're enthusiastic about making your life simpler, healthier, and just plain powerful.

Whether you're grinding on the job, relaxing in the home, or putting out on another great adventure, MIU COLOR gets you covered.

Our philosophy is "Make it Unique". The atmosphere we breathe, the water we drink...all too often we take the "little things" for allowed. However, the small things can sometimes have the biggest impact on our quality of life. We don't want you to be like everybody else, as no one is as cool as you.

Thus don't drink  just like everyone else, or  unwind just  like everybody else. Do not even  arrange  your socks just like everybody else! Make each and everything that you do exceptional.

In MIU COLOR, we supply a wide selection of original product lines, but all of our designs discuss a set of three core values.

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