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Produced in the U.S. steel age in 1967, Clad Metals started as a tiny metallurgical company that specialized in inventing bonded metals for a variety of industries. Business founder, John Ulam, also a dazzling metallurgist, accomplished the mixture of different metals created composites that yielded outstanding results. He was awarded more than 50 U.S. patents for secured metals and procured a contract with all an U.S. Mint to create dimes, quarters and half dollars. He was later instrumental in the country's conversion from solid silver coins to bonded brushed metals used in silver now.

After years of perfecting the bonding process, Ulam launched All-Clad Metalcrafters at 1971, and started producing expert quality bonded cookware for working chefs and enthusiastic home cooks. The brand prospered as early adopters recognized the cookware's extraordinary attributes and exemplary cooking functionality.

Now, All-Clad bonded cookware remains handmade in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, with American-made steel exactly the same manner that it was four decades ago. It's still widely desired by the world's top chefs and passionate home cooks. Specialty items, electrics and tools have been sourced everywhere.

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