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Lagostina Q5540264 Martellata Stainless Dishwasher product image


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The narrative of aluminum begins in Kuprum's Mediterranean home where the property's history thrives to a rich civilization filled with ancient tales of craftsmanship. Ten thousand decades ago, the area witnessed the start of mining and also the discovery of the initial measures of processing metal. Celebrating the rosy metal and the real hammering tradition, we are bringing you Kuprum. Hand-made copperware directly from the palms of diligent artisans from the Mediterranean.

All of our goods are made from pure copper and they're 100% recyclable.



Our kitchenware products have unique hammer patterns and are crafted with great passion and ability. Kuprum brings Mediterranean cooking customs to your kitchen with the allure of the elegant, rosy metal. Kuprum layouts are suitable not just for cookware but also for house decoration.


Our tableware line provides rich flavor and texture when displaying or serving all kinds of drinks and food. Enjoy your cocktails with the entirely hand-made Moscow Mule Mug with its vintage and classic feel, or add character to your own wine using Mediterranean aesthetics.

Home Décor

Kuprum also carries an elgant home décor line. Copper products glow brightly under natural light. Add charm to your backyard or patio, or fresh veggies to your kitchen counter for this particular collection. Kuprum planters are perfectly sized for blossoms and smallish flowers, and suited for the indoor and outdoor usage.

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