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Anna Cross

Hello Readers!

My name is Anna Cross and I am a DIYer, crochet enthusiast, and writer. To begin with, I'd love to say my mom taught me so a number of the abilities I have today and every novel I publish would be in memory of her own. (I love you grin).

I now live in Philadelphia, PA with my husband and two children, Alex and Sophie. Throughout the year you will find us travel along the east shore due in large part to my children being home schooled. This is because my husband and I utilize traveling to show the children the areas they're learning about. During my journeys I intend on writing to introduce my readers into a different perspective (my very own). So read on and make memories!


Anna Cross

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Sayjai Thawornsupacharoen

I like crochet and goal to create cute and simple to create Amigurumi dolls with definite instructions. Have a look at free patterns and tutorials on my site.

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Sarah Taylor

FREE: Just One Hour Slouchy Hat Crochet Pattern - Just subscribe to your own mailing list at!

Hi everyone,

Thank you for stopping by my Author Central Page. I'm a fulltime Mother to three gorgeous girls, along with a self-confessed wool craft enthusiast! My Mother taught me how to knit at a really early age and following the first disastrous projects and frustration-induced 'hissy fits', the craft simply 'clicked' (pun intended) with me, and I have been a knitting enthusiast since.

However, something which bugged me for many years was seeing beautiful patterns that I wanted to create, only to find that they were crochet patterns and not knitting designs. For a reason I had a mental block with crochet - it was from the 'too hard basket'. All that changed only a few years back when I saw the most stunning pattern for a shawl which I simply HAD to make - and it was a crochet pattern. I had been on a mission. I sat myself down with a book from the library and then taught myself how to crochet. Can it be all plain sailing? No, not at all, but after some time it just 'clicked' for me personally (such as with the knitting) and I now enjoy crochet just up to knitting.

Once I was teaching myself the way to crochet among the things I had a issue with was recalling the specific steps to produce each distinct stitch. I needed to keep flicking through the library publication pages to find the directions, then flick back to the job pattern I was trying to follow along, all whilst holding my crochet hook and yarn at exactly the exact same moment. This is where using the instructions to hand in your own Kindle could make life a lot easier; you don't need to thumb backwards and forward through heaps of pages - you can just go to the Table of Contents and click on through to find the instructions for each particular stitch.

I am hoping that my book 'The Way To Crochet - A Guide For Newbies' will inspire a great deal of folks to have a go at this enjoyable and creative pastime!


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