The Best Crystal Cat Litter Petco - October 2020

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So Phresh Odor Crystal Litter product image


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391032 Clumping Litter Formula 28 Pound product image


Natures Miracle Crystal 8 Pound P 5370 product image


So Phresh Odor Lock Crystal Litter product image


Precious Cat Attract Problem Training product image


Precious Cat Long Haired Litter product image


HomeoPet Plus Urinary Tract Infection product image


Litter Genie Plus Ultimate Control product image


LitterMaid P 70002 Large Crystal Litter product image


Best Seller
Nylabone Textured Souper Flavor Medley product image

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You love your pets and need them to be secure and happy. At PetSafe we make innovative products that attract you and your furry friend nearer together.

That is why PetSafe is the world's leading developer of product solutions for  cats and dogs.   Our broad line of pet containment products, fountains and collars, treats and toys and training and bark control   products are intended to offer you peace of mind and to improve your pet's quality of life every day.

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Much like you, we LitterMaid® are crazy for cats. For over a decade, we've been a leader in providing practical litter box alternatives, which means you and your furry friend may have the best, cleanest environment possible using the least amount of hassle. From our initial line of automatic litter boxes which offers clumping litter solutions, to our latest no-hassle, crystal litter alternatives, we strive to locate new ways to provide cats using the best location to perform their business.

At LitterMaid®, we know that cats could be finicky, which is precisely why we focus on providing complete litter solutions that use only the very best litter forms out there. We do our best to help make your house environment comfy, clean, and fresh -- so you spend less time fretting about your litter box and much more time loving your kitty!

Our intention is to present practical creations in litter boxes and other feline care products that help to ensure your cat's enjoyment, healthiness, and best possible indoor atmosphere. We realize how much your cat means to you, which means the world for us to assist you enjoy many great years together.

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