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John Burns

Fr. John Burns donates all proceeds from book sales.

Presently a pastor, Fr. Burns was profoundly influenced by the writings of St. Francis de Earnings while in seminary studies. Grow Your Heart adapts the teachings of p Earnings for use in private prayer, spiritual direction, or small group discussions. The publication is designed to function as a starting point for those who have not yet fully dedicated to living for heaven every day in addition to for people who find their religious lives are postponed by diversion, busyness, and lack of zeal.

It is composed to be accessible and approachable to the 21st century writer while challenging them to look deeply inside and identify obstacles to grace, freedom, forgiveness, and God's endless love.

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Karen Katz

Take a look at my newest novel WIGGLE YOUR TOES! A Book to Bring,fluff, and wiggle!

I've always been interested in folk art from all around the Earth, Indian miniatures, Mexican ceramics, fabrics, Chagall, Matisse, children's art, and primitive painting, and that I love to paint and experiment with layout, texturecolour, font and color. The professions I've had--like a costume designer, a quilt maker, a fabric artist, and a graphic designer--'ve obtained all these interests into consideration. Looking back, I could see that these passions and career options have played a massive role in influencing me to turn into a children's book author and illustrator.

However, most of all, it was following my husband and I adopted our daughter from Guatemala that I had been inspired to perform a children's novel for her. My very first book, On the Moon, was the story of the magical encounter of welcoming our daughter Lena in our own lives. I painted, and I drew, I collaged, and that I wrote, and after working very hard... a beautiful novel was born! Twenty-two books afterwards, my daughter--now two years old--is still an inspiration for me personally.

I'm fascinated by babies and small children. The easiest words and gestures will make them laugh. Occasionally standing in line at the grocery store and watching children in grocery store shelves, my best thoughts are born.

I am fascinated by people from all around the world and what they look like and how they reside and also the differences which make us all unique.

Once an idea pops into my head I ask these questions:
Can a child wish to read this book?
Can a parent want to read this novel with their child?
Can this book make a parent and child feel something?
Is there something visual here which will hold a child's interest?
Will a child see a thing in another manner after reading this book?
When the answer is yes, then I know I am on the perfect path.

I am very blessed to have to do what I d

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