The Best Dog Snacks Treats - March 2021

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Jerky Treats Tender Jerky hl Jerky 7q product image


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It began with a guy named Patrick and his puppy called Zuke...

Anyone who's undergone an aha! Moment can perfectly recollect the date, time and location that the proverbial light bulb went away. For Patrick Meiering, it was the Summer of 1995 on a rise from the Colorado Mountains out Durango. Partrick's trusty companion, a two-year-old chocolate lab called Zuke had become exhausted once they reached the summit. Patrick had a power bar for themself, although nothing for Zuke therefore that he broke off a bit of his power bar and tossed it into him. Zuke perked right up and there it was, that the moment Patrick realized that pets need healthy organic treats, only as much as people do. Patrick returned home filled with inspiration and created the very first Zuke's cure, a power bar named  PowerBones.

Now, over 20 years after we have   healthy, natural and healthy snacks for each puppy, not only mountain climbers like Zuke. Since we love our pets, we utilize only the finest meats (created in the united states and New Zealand), high quality fruits, grains, and vegetables out there.  

All of   our treats are proudly made in the united states and New Zealand.

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Pup-Peroni®  new celebrates the exceptional one-of-a-kind connection we share together with our budding best friends. We love Pups, and we want to provide them tender snacks in yummy flavors they'll love. That's the reason why we create Pup-Peroni®  puppy snacks with more real beef* along with a sweet odor that dogs just can not resist. Dogs Just Know®.

DecisionPup-Peroni® Original Beef Flavor vs. the leading tender and chewy dog snack competitor.

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