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Moo Sticks Free Range Treats product image


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Delorse Mays

Delorse Mays is a brand new comer. Produced in St. Louis, the gateway into the west, she has been on line since the end of 2011. A former classroom teacher and state goverment employee, she studying her way by discussing these things she enjoys with other people,cooking,enjoying her own life and her pets.

Following an exciting year, in which she's spent many an hour studying the craft, she's finally putting the pieces together and sharing her own work.

She is determined to help others assert thier pet's wellbeing, be responsible pet owners and do so inexpensively. And she is sharing her love of preparing delicious nutritous food for each and every member of the family, economically and quickly.

As well as this book, she is arranging a collection of books about preparing food in 15 minutes or less.

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