The Best Drug Trafficking - December 2020

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Top Drug Trafficking Brands

Jennifer Myers

Jennifer Myers is a prison, speaker and also writer adviser who prepares non-violent offenders, first time and their families for prison. She's co-founder of Voices of UNcarceration, a series of media storytelling jobs that use the voices of those most affected by incarceration to urge for change, and also R.I.S.E. to Enable, a nonprofit that empowers women and young women to make positive choices. Jennifer's writing has been published in the anthology, Razor Wire Women, co-edited by Jodie Lawston, and also in Salon Magazine, literary journals that were online. She documents her journey to marijuana trafficking to rebuilding a life of moral and purpose pursuit in Trafficking the Great Life.

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Dawn Paley

Dawn Paley is a journalist from Vancouver, BC (Coast Salish territories).

Her first book, Drug War Capitalism, was released November 2014 using AK Press.

She's written for magazines and newspapers such as the The Guardian, Vancouver Sun, The Globe and Mail, BC Business Magazine, The Nation, The Dominion, Ms. Magazine, The Tyee, the Georgia Straight, Briarpatch, NACLA Reports, This Magazine, and Canadian Dimension, Counterpunch, The Vue Weekly, Watershed Sentinel and also Upside Down World. Her work in television and radio was showcased on Democracy Now! , Free Speech Radio News, and CBC Radio.

Dawn is currently a doctoral student in the Meritorious Autonomous University of Puebla in Mexico. Her doctoral research is focused on also the war and clandestine mass graves on drugs from Mexico.

In 2010, Dawn completed her Masters in Journalism at the University of British Columbia. Her thesis project suggests that journalists should study transnational theory as a prerequisite for accountable foreign correspondence, and assesses the creation and development of the elite in relation to the 2009 coup d'etat as a case analysis. Dawn has First Nations Studies from Simon Fraser University and a Bachelor's degree in Women's Studies. She's currently a student mentor at the Department of Geography at UBC.

Morning has reported on the extractive industries, commerce, and organized crime against off the map hotspots during the Americas. Over the last couple of years, she's filed against southwest Colombia, Guatemala, pre- and post-coup Honduras, and northeast Mexico.

Morning is a contributing editor with The Dominion, Canada's only independent information cooperative, and a co-founder of the Vancouver Media Co-op. She teaches community journalism courses.

At 2008, Morning worked as an assistant producer on the award winning feature documentary Beneath Rich Earth, taken at the

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Charles F. Levinthal

Dr. Charles F. Levinthal is Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Hofstra University, where he also taught and conducted study from 1971 to 2014, with received his Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from the University of Michigan. He's author of seventeen novels, Upgraded ed, such as Medication, Behavior, and Modern Society. (2016), Drugs, Society, and Criminal Justice, 4th ed. (2016), Point/Counterpoint: Opposing Perspectives on Issues of Drug Safety (2003), Introduction to Physiological Psychology, 3rd ed. (1990), and Messengers of Paradise: Opiates and the Brain (1988). Drugs, Behavior, and Modern Society was released in Korean (2008), and Messengers of the Paradise: Opiates and the Brain has been published in Spanish (1989) and Western (1991). His research interests have included issues in substance abuse and dependenceand clinical neuropsychology, and cognitive decision-making. Dr. Levinthal presented that the Hofstra University Distinguished Faculty Lecture in 1987 and was voted by the graduating Class of 2003 as Distinguished Teacher of the Year. Dr. Levinthal was elected as a Fellow of the American Psychological Association in 2010.

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