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Chris Seabranch

Hi friend

My name is Chris Seabranch - it's not, but my Danish name contains the letter 'Ø', which is not convinient as an global writer:--RRB-

I'm the writer of the Tales of the Twenty-One Butterflies fantasy show as well as some brief stories in Danish.

When I am not on a treasure hunt or fleeing from extraterrestrial beings, I conjure intriguing scientific articles as a Danish science journalist with a background within an environmental- and - molecular biologist. However, storytelling is what I enjoy the most. Write and I love to read fantasy and historical books in addition to well thought-up science fiction.

I'm always interested in other people's oppinions about what I write, so please, comment away.

Enjoy a Wonderful day and an inspiring life



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Rayanna Jamison

Writing has been a passion of mine since I was 9 years old, and now I always dreamed of becoming a writer, but life happens and sometimes that initial step seems like a jump. I charge a life altering move to Utah in the Oregon in the fall of 2013 as the catalyst which began my writing career.
I now reside in Southern Utah with my husband, my 2 kids, two dogs, my mum, my 90 year old grandma and a lizard named Leo.
I write exactly what I really like to read, which can be fun romantic stories about submission on its numerous forms, and frequently joke that my tales get somewhat dirtier with every one I write. When I'm not writing, I love my passions, including cooking, drinking coffee and wine, shopping for crazy knee socks, celebrating with ice hockey for every event, and most of all spending time with my friends and family.

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Visit Amazon's Justin Ledford Page, search results, Learn about Author Central, Justin Ledford,

Justin Ledford has attained high levels of success in 4 distinct sectors before age 30. He has helped many people compose, print, and market their very first book around their fulltime occupation.

He is a Hall of Fame salesperson with countless dollars in direct sales. He's simultaneously assembled a marketing firm of over 4,500 individuals, along with a building company that produces over 1 Million in earnings each year.

He talks frequently at personal development seminars sharing his mastery of the way to achieve massive aims while living a dream fulfilled lifestyle. Alongside his organization success, Justin and his wife, Sara, spend several months each year travel. They are both advocates of sustainable living and holistic health. Ledford lives with his family from Houston, Tx.

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Kari Trumbo

Kari Trumbo is one of four writers in the Cutter’s Creek series. Christian Romance is written by her and is a stay-at-home mom to four kids that are energetic. When she is not writing editing, she home schools her kids and pretends to keep them up. Kari enjoys listening to modern songs, reading, singing when no one & #x2019; s listening when sunlight strikes and curling up near the wood stove. She leaves her home in central Minnesota with her husband almost twenty decades, two daughters, two sons, three cats, and one wood stove.
Want a Cutter's Creek narrative that isn't accessible on any merchant?

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Dayo Benson

Dayo Benson is passionate about using fiction to convey powerful messages about redemption and God's love. She's the author of over twenty Religious novels. From sweet contemporary fiction and gritty romantic thrillers, to literary romance, Dayo writes within a wide array of markets. A message of trust is normal to all of her books irrespective of genre.

When she is not writing, Dayo likes music, reading and going for long walks. She lives in North West England with her husband and her two beautiful daughters.

Know more about Dayo and her forthcoming books in

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James Farner

James Farner is a professional writer and brings upon also his love of tales that span generations along with his own love of fiction. His signature series was created from a desire to figure out 'what happened next?'

In the conclusion of every great film, book, or TV series that the characters vanish and that's the conclusion of those. James is in the desire to find out what happened to the characters later. That is how Produced in Yorkshire appeared. Beginning from 1953 and pushing on to this day, James explores the various eras of Britain .

Before writing fiction, he also had a career as a freelance writer. His writing has appeared online, in an assortment of books, and in publications.

If not composing, he can be found drawing, watching sports, and playing the tin whistle.

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