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Elana Millman

Elana Millman, author of Aromatherapy for Sensual Living, Vital Oils for the Ecstatic Soul, has used them for all facets of life for 20 decades and started her ardent romance as a teenager with essential oils. She coached with Nadine Artemis of the Transformational Arts College at Toronto to enhance her knowledge and create a way of understanding and utilizing oils along with Libations. She has taught workshops in Canada, Brazil, and Japan on erotics, exotics, euphorics , medicinal aromatherapy oils for beauty, cleaning your house without also the endocrine/chakra system, aromatherapy to girls at every stage, along with oils along with chemicals.

Elana began her writing career after graduating college when she worked as an international journalist in Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean. She was introduced by that experience when she started receiving regular foot massages anyplace her job sent her. Unsurprisingly, her energy was supported by her small bottles of essential oils and alleviate the stress.

She's a full service health adviser in Toronto specializing in Aromatherapy, Holistic Nutrition, Theraputic Massage, Reflexology, Reiki Mastery, and Lifestyle Counselling. She is an avid foods cook hoop dancing teacher and is a creative lover of life. She's dedicated to teaching the way to empower health, recovery and sensuality.

Passionate about helping people understand the ability of plants, she’s dedicated to teaching the way to empower health, healing, and sensuality with the usage of essential oils.

She lives between Toronto, Canada and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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Natasha Kogan


My name is Natasha Kogan and I am a fine Female. (Now, state this sentence along with your own name. Repeat at least one time per day. And be sure to use your most convincing tone once you really do.)

Two years ago one of the very precious, lifelong, "I can't believe that this is ever likely to occur" dreams came true I wrote a book and got it printed. I stuffed up with 30 Dares that I think and titled it The Daring Female's Guide to Ecstatic Living can help us stay fuller lives. I hope that you will take a look and find at least one emptiness that you wish to shoot on and zap your daily life.

You may be wondering what exactly makes me an expert on being a Daring Female. Well, I would never call myself an expert on anything, but I have carried on more than a couple of temptations in my life and think very strongly in the notion that doing so has enabled me to live it at a more enjoyable and satisfying way.

Here's a little collection of some of my main temptations:

1. Too Old to Reduce My Accent

Once I was two my entire family emigrated from Russia to the United States of America. We arrived together with $600 and six suitcases. This emptiness was monumentally harder for the parents than it was for me and they'll be forever respected by me . After the first few weeks' shock wore away, I decided that the one thing that was going to let me come out of my room and live my life was learning to speak English just like a true American.

Everybody we met told me that there was absolutely, absolutely no way I could shed my accent completely - I was simply too old to achieve that. Well, it was all or nothing, so I chose to go for it. Following endless embarrassment and four decades I did this. I seem like a standard New Yorker today, if you noticed me! (Whether that's a fantastic thing or not is another matter.)


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