The Best Electronic Ear Plugs - January 2021

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EEP 100 Rechargeable Construction Manufacturing Maintenance product image


Walkers Game Ear Silencer Earbud product image


Walkers Game Ear Protection Enhancement product image


Walkers Game Ear Silencer Rechargeable product image


3M TEP 100 Tactical Digital Earplug product image


Etymotic GunsportPRO Electronic Protection Enthusiasts product image


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Decibullz Earplugs Comfortable Protection Shooting product image


Decibullz Percussive Filters Hearing Protection product image


Westone DefendEar Digital Protection 78346 product image


Walker GWP NHE Razor X product image

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Our tireless commitment to innovation - led by our president and founder John Matthews, PhD - has caused the constant creation of new game-changing goods out of our engineers, engineers, and merchandise professionals.   We do all in our capacity to build truly best-in-class lighting products - many of which generated new merchandise classes and launched new businesses - and to constantly upgrade the output rates and capabilities of our models.   That's because our job is to assist those in harm's way prevail and come back home safely.   This commitment will never change.

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Launched in 1959 as a custom-fit earpiece manufacturer, Westone is now famous worldwide as "The In-Ear Pros"   From its roots of working with hearing caregivers to make custom-fit products for hearing protection and aids, Westone has expanded into supplying consumer audio products and is the world's premier designer of high performance Baseball artists' monitors and earphones.

Westone turned into a master of sound technology in the petition of popular rock artists from the early 1980s.   They wanted to have the ability to hear specific instruments or vocals while on stage nevertheless reduce general stage volume to safeguard their hearing.   As a solution, Westone made the first balanced armature driver touchscreen screen that became the standard for professional artists. Now, Westone has expanded its product line to give unparalleled audio quality for most on-stage musicians, as well as for casual listeners who need a high-fidelity sound expertise.

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