The Best Endometriosis Books - September 2020

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Wendy K Laidlaw

Wendy K Laidlaw is a writer, performer and counsellor living in Edinburgh, Scotland. Wendy endured for over 33 years with Phase IV endometriosis and adenomyosis before finding a pure way from this condition that left her bed jump for a long time.
Her passion is for ‘thinking outside the box’ with regards to the health care field, and also this mentality helped cure her in the chronic and debilitating conditions.
Wendy is an ardent promoter of what protocols worked for her and eager to share her victory to provide hope to the countless women suffering.
Wendy spends her spare time acrylic painting flowers and landscapes, completing her Psychology & Counselling Degree, making couture jams , and walking Up The Pentland Hills using her chocolate labrador, Ginty, and her two children.

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Audrey Michel

Audrey Michel began sharing #x201c; Rewired Life, & her journey into wellness within her website,” at 2013. By summer time, her love of writing began to fill her newest book's pages. As her enthusiasm for sharing her concept enlarged beyond writing and to public speaking, Audrey discovered how exposure in storytelling motivates and enables audiences to become their best selves. When it's in companies, health, relationships, or our lives, most of us have barriers.

As she recounts in her novel, Rewired Life: A Journey into Untangle Chronic Pain and Endometriosis, Audrey suffered chronic pain and disorder for half of her life. In her breaking point, she eventually let her inner intellect speak out, leading her on a course to accurate and self-discovery healing beyond what medicine provided and speak up. Through it all, she chose to acknowledge its own healing skills and the mind-body link, and after 17 decades, she's pain-free and symptom-free. In site and her novel, she shares her breakthroughs and ways of discovering development and inner connection.

As a writer, speaker, and spiritual growth trainer, she attracts positivity, wellness, and inspiration to enable girls to cure. She mixes elegance, honesty, emotion, and empowerment with a sign of feistiness and style. Audrey knows our bodies are strong and maintain a plethora of information and we now hold the key to curing our bodies, minds, and spirits when we learn to translate the messages.

Audrey is an avid meditator, spiritual seeker, and advocate in the endometriosis neighborhood. In her spare time, she enjoys to hike, golf , and see and loves being with friends and family.

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Aubree Deimler

After spending years in school pursuing degrees in Political Science and Business Administration, Aubree finally dropped upon her real passion. . .health and health. This stemmed from her official diagnosis of endometriosis in 29 years of age. This painful, chronic condition spurred her inner researcher to find a remedy.

As opposed to follow the conventional suggestion of drugs and operation she took an alternative road on a journey of complete healing - to a physical, emotional and religious level... and the rest is now history.

Since her body began to heal, Aubree was inspired to share a message of hope on her website at

She continued her education at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) where was equipped with extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, personalized training and preventive health.

As a certified Integrative Health Coach and creator of Peace With Endo, Aubree is profoundly passionate about wellness and inspiring other women with endometriosis to reconnect using a life full of love and positive rhythms.

To attach with Aubree further and also to find out about forthcoming happenings please visit

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Carolyn Levett

Carolyn Levett is a victim of endometriosis, having treated with the support of diet and a homoeopath. She now runs the Endometriosis Support website site at - that has been on-line for any number of years, and supplies much valued assistance for sufferers of endometriosis from round the world.

The site includes extensive information and articles about natural remedies and self help advice, diet and nutrition, comprehensive advice about symptoms, remedies, laparoscopy advice, list of experts and support groups, success stories from different women, also helpful free mini e-books.

She has since written two endometriosis self books for victims that are:

'Recipes & Diet Advice for Endometriosis - New Edition Updated' March 2013
'Reclaim your life - The Guide to Aid Healing of Endometriosis'

You can also get more routine suggestions, advice and information about endometriosis in the Facebook Page in:

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