The Best Energy Yoga Dvd - January 2021

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Donna Eden

Donna Eden is a pioneer within the field of Energy Medicine, within both traditional and alternative health care settings. Recognized for her ability to determine the causes of physical and mental problems depending on the condition of these energies to see the human body's energies, and also also to devise effective treatments.

Donna articulates together with her husband Dr. David Feinstein Energy Medicine, Energy Medicine for Women, and The Promise of Energy Psychology. Her skills as a healer would be legendary, and she has taught over fifty million people both laypeople and professionals, and the way to engage their energies. Her invigorating demonstrations are abundant with magnificent presentations of procedures and audience participation for creating vitality and health.
Donna's latest focus is the Energy Medicine Certification Program made to training professionals how to use Energy Medicine in their clinics and teach it to their own clientele.

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