The Best England Literature - December 2020

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Rake Rogue Rou%C3%A9 Another England ebook product image


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Top England Literature Brands

Martin Lake

Born and raised in England, Martin Lake found his love of history and writing at an early age. After graduating, he was employed as a teacher before choosing to combine his two passions and write a historical book. Ever since then, he has written six books and several short stories. When not writing, he could be found cooking, traveling, and exploring fascinating areas. He currently resides on the French Riviera together with his spouse.

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Ernest Hebert

I have two definitions as a author. Part of me really is a realist. I would like my books to be frank to the actual world as I have experienced it. But I'm also a dreamer. I think in the imagination's life span.

My interest in book writing is the inside world of the figures. Everyone has just two dramas in their own lives, the drama on the outsidehow we relate to our own loved ones, our jobs, our friends, our enemies--as well as the drama on the inside--how we relate to that steamy, dreamy on-going nut-case narrative in our minds. When the story from the head comes into conflict with the story at the outside, well, that is a problem for this novelist.

I have published eleven novels in all and won many awards on the way.

I'm grateful to you, dear readers. You can catch me on Facebook, within my website, Twitter @erniehebert, or email in

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G. Lawrence

I'm an independently published author, and pleased to be. Dwelling in a little cabin in Cornwall in the united kingdom, I love where I live as much as I love to write.

The age of the Tudors was an obsession for me because I was a young child, and lots of my upcoming novels will center on that time, but I pen the peculiar dystopian fiction or historical fiction out of other time periods. I will be releasing all my titles on amazon, for instance and after that hopefully for printing later.

I analyzed Literature (with a capital) at University and typically have twenty or more books I am reading. Reading and writing are about disposition for me personally, and I have not found a genre I didn't enjoy something about this far...

You can often find me Wattpad or even Twitter when I'm not writing...

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