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Ralph Kern

For as long as I could remember I've always enjoyed science fiction, particularly the grand masters of this genre, Arthur C Clarke, Stephen Baxter, Alistair Reynolds and a lot more and eventually decided to try my own hand.

I still hold a degree in Aerospace Technology and won the chance to work in Milan about the plan of a Satellite, obtained a Pilots License (once I learnt to push) that resulted in the best weekend job moving, carrying Air Cadets flying in an engine gliders and for a season was an officer cadet in the TA.

After all that I had a bit of a quarter life crisis and decided that I would succumb to the child in me and stick to a career in chasing bad guys. This led to a huge hole in my life though, the desire to consider what I consider 'the big issues' a want I'm addressing my own writing.

Nowadays I've calmed down a bit and enjoy spending some time traveling, watching what the planet has to offer, scuba diving, long distance running and writing of course

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