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Snuggle goods supply your clothing with the Snuggly Softness® and 30 days of warmth your family has come to appreciate. With a variety of scents and forms, Snuggle has something to match all of your fabric conditioning demands so that you may keep on generating more Snuggle up minutes.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are Snuggle items safe to use in an HE Washer?

A: Yes, even Snuggle goods may be used in both standard and HE washing machines.

Q: Why Are Snuggle merchandise safe to use on any type of clothing?

A: Please check the care label on your garment to see whether it is safe to use fabric softener.

Q: How can I utilize Snuggle fabric conditioning solutions?

A: Utilization directions are found on the rear label of every product. Please make sure that you follow the directions suggested for the specific product that you want to utilize.

Q: Why should I be worried about spotting in my clothes?

A:   Catch of full strength fabric softener with certain cloth finishes may not wash out. If spot/stain were caused by fabric softener it is only temporary and detergent must eliminate it.

Q: Where do I locate the ingredients listing for Snuggle merchandise?

A: You can find each products' components listing at   //

Q: What's the shelf-life for Snuggle?

A: Extensions- two years; Liquids- 1 year; Boosters- 1year

Q: Are all Snuggle products compatible with one another?

A: Yup, Snuggle liquid fabric softener, dryer sheets, and Scent Boosters all have different benefits which may be combined to deal with a variety of laundry needs. Some users layer scents, others mix n' match. Locate your ideal amount of Snugliness!

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Gear Aid

You are a hero. With the knowledge and tools you want to eliminate soggy feet, burning off tents, and deflated sleep pads, you'll save daily.

With Gear Aid you may keep casting, and come what may. In-field repairs, specialist advice, and instant waterproofing to assist you get out, and keep out.

Whether you're around town, climbing a mountain, or even researching crystal clear waters, we've got you covered. We manufacture over 100 products which help give a much better experience outside; products which are tested and proven in many extreme environments so that you know they'll work anywhere. McNett's family of brands assist you drink water anywhere, get more from your gear, improve your chances in the area and travel smarter. Take a look at our other brands in

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Jacqueline Myers Cho

I started creating big-headed, big-eyed women ("Jacqueline's Coloring Book: Volume I"), about 15 years ago, and the critters showed up about three decades back ("Jacqueline's Coloring Book: Volume II - Monsters"). My most recent project, "Jacqueline's Coloring Book: Volume III - Dogs and Cats," was motivated from my love of. . .well, you guessed it.

Some individuals have requested me, do each one these characters live in my head? My answer is no. These figures and thoughts come to me through the process of creating my artwork. I work in different mediums; sewing- 3-d plushies, my dress undertaking, paper pulp 3-d sculptures, along with my acrylic paintings on canvas. By producing on, and with all these materials, it permits other ideas to show up - like a zipper mouths and eyes that came from making plushies. But when an idea has been shrouded, it is going to show up in my coloring books, paintings, along with 3-d sculptures.

I have been teaching for over 15 decades. I've educated ages 4- mature and have the ability to break things down into the simplest type. I teach privately, at my studio, as well through my online course. My current class is called "Draw with Me : Faces." It is possible to adhere to the pleasure and learn more at

My entire life and artwork have shot me on many adventures. I've lived in Hawaii (Maui), New York, Connecticut, Alabama, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Iowa, and Minnesota, as well as from Germany and South Korea. I now live with my family in Los Angeles. Along with traveling, I love K-pop (Korean pop music), horses, and tasting all kinds of meals.

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