The Best Fan Timer - November 2019

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Leviton LTB30 1LZ Incandescent Resistive Inductive 5 10 15 30 product image


Best Seller Best Value
Enerlites 1 5 10 15 20 30 Minutes Countdown Decorator product image


Top Choice
Enerlites Countdown Control NEUTRAL REQUIRED product image


GE Countdown Required Included 15318 product image


Intermatic FD60MWC 60 Minute Spring Wound Countdown product image


Maxxima Countdown Maximum Bathroom included product image


Enerlites HET06 W Countdown Switch Bathroom product image


Eaton 9590AW 5 Button Preset Minute product image


Lutron MA T51MN WH Location Countdown Switch product image


Enerlites Countdown Minutes NEUTRAL REQUIRED product image

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For over 75 decades, Woods® has been a major developer of electric products for customers and professional builders.

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What water cooler should I choose?

There are two (2) forms of water heaters: table top (to be placed on a table or counter) and freestanding (to be placed on the floor). These bottle water heaters will require a 3 or 5 gallon water bottle put on top to dispense water or may be used together with our NEW water filtration system for water heaters. What to consider would be the features like desirable water temperature and/or child lock onto the hot water dispenser. Some components have just 2 (2) temperatures (cold and hot) and many others also have room temperature. The kid lock isn't available on all components (please consult with the product specification of each version).

How can it warm the water?

The water is heated using a gas heater located inside the stainless steel tank.

How does it create cold water?

Each of the components have a cooling compressor employing an eco-friendly refrigerant.

Is the water hot enough for tea, coffee, and soup?

Yes. The water from these dispensers can achieve approx. 90 C / 194 F. That is hot enough for any hot drink like coffee, hot chocolate, soup and tea.

What filtration process is used?

The units operate with bottled water, which is already filtered from the water shipping support (please examine with your water supplier the filtered states of the water delivery), or with all our NEW water filtration system. This innovative water filter option works without the bother of bottle shipping support and gets rid of the heavy lifting involved in placing a brand new bottle every moment. Just refill with tap water and your completed!

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Tired of coming home to a dark house? Wish you did not need to reset those light timers each season? Fed up with not using a light switch where you want one?

Using caseta Wireless from Lutron, you can eliminate these everyday hassles and more, using a remote control, smartphone, or even your voice to get hands-free management.

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As a worldwide leader in energy management options, our product innovations are ready to meet your daily challenges.   Have a look at our newest energy-saving options.

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