The Best Fantasy Series - October 2020

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Sanctuary Books 1 3 Defender Champion ebook product image


Queens Poisoner Kingfountain Book ebook product image


Xoe Meyers Trilogy Accidental Fantasy ebook product image


GUARDIAN FOUND Children Paranormal Romance ebook product image


Assassins Blade Complete Trilogy ebook product image


Magic Reborn Peacesmith Book1 Fantasy ebook product image


Exiled Dragons Complete Box Books ebook product image


Kilenya Books One Two Three ebook product image


Star Crusades Uprising Complete Books ebook product image


AEGIS Catalyst Childrens Fantasy Adventure ebook product image

Top Fantasy Series Brands

Jeff Wheeler

Jeff took an early retirement to write and is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author. He can be seen drifting hills with pine trees and granite boulders in California or in any range of the state redwood groves, and is, most importantly, a husband and father, a devout member of his church. He's the creator of Deep Magic (, an e-zine containing amazing short stories by new & established writers.

To find out more about every one of the worlds, his advice for new writers, and which series to begin reading first, take a look at his website!

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Sarah J. Stone

Want a free book? Sarah J. Stone is giving out a free copy of “Unbearable Love” which will be the prequel to "Saved by Alpha Bear" (no strings attached). This book is exclusive to her free VIP subscribers group. Copy and paste this link into your browser:

Coffee addict. Nature lover. Voracious reader. This is Sarah J. Stone in Brief!

Born and raised at the mountain city of Aspen, Colorado – Sarah spent her youth exploring the amazing outdoors. She frequently got into trouble by wandering too far but constantly had a large family around to keep a careful attention.

Nearly all her career was spent at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, at which Sarah travelled the world helping tackle rural health issues. In this time period books became the one constant in her life, so far so, she began to create her very own worlds. What was formerly a hobby evolved right into a full-time occupation and nowadays Sarah could be found sitting by the fireplace writing her next paranormal adventure.

She adds sugar to her coffee and shifters to her literature.

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K.A. Poe

K.A. Poe's publications aim to cure that the limp, helpless heroine that disturbs many urban and paranormal fantasy novels by introducing powerful, kick-ass female leads. Mixing suspense and experience using non-explicit love, her Nevermore and Forevermore series have lured hundreds of thousands of readers. From vampires to witches and werewolves, you may find what hundreds of five-star testimonials affirm - once you combine the adventure, you will not ever need to stop.

For a limited period, you can find the K.A. Poe starter library consisting of three, full-length novels (an $8.97 value) FREE! - Visit this link to learn more > (just copy and paste into your browser!)

K.A. Poe's passions have always been composing and reading, escaping facts and beginning adventures in worlds beyond the mundane familiarity of Earth. Full of imagination, imagination and wonderment, K.A. Poe almost always has a new idea in your mind for a new tale to tell. When she isn't reading or writing she can be found playing video games or designing in Photoshop. She is a hoarder of colorful socks and admirer of squirrels and penguins (and from "admirer", this obviously means she squeals in the mere sight of either monster).

She resides in Indiana with her husband and kid. Accompanying the trio is K.A. Poe's writing helper Aries (who happens to be a cat and does not do much in the method of assisting or composing, if you don't consider sleeping on the computer helpful... ) and their two other pet partners - Lyra and Gemini.

Currently Released Publications:
Twin Souls (Nevermore, Book 1)
Hybrid (Nevermore, Book 2)
Sacrifice (Nevermore, Book 3)
Destiny (Nevermore, Book 4)

Kismet (Forevermore, Book 1)
Catalyst (Forevermore, Book 2)
Solstice (Forevermore, Book 3)
Eventide (Forevermore, Book 4)
Coalesce (Forevermore, Book 5)

Genesis (Eventide, Book 1)
Synergy (Eventide,

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Becca Mills

Becca Mills teaches writing at a college in California. She has loved fantasy since she listened for her dad read Tolkien aloud.

Two novels are published in Becca's Emanations collection: Nolander and Solatium. The third is coming in 2016. Theriac A short story at #x 201c, & the show, & #x 201d; is available.

Becca would like to hear your thoughts and opinions. You will find her on Facebook ( or through her website ( If you would like to get notified when (and only when) Becca publishes new fiction, then you are able to join her mailing list at the-active-voice. com/beccas-books/. It's 100% guaranteed super-duper spam-free ... promise!

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Holly Kelly

Holly Kelly is a mother who writes books in her spare time: translation--she pushes in the restroom and locks the door while the kids destroy the house and also smear peanut butter on the walls. She was born at Utah but moved to a little, where she studied marine chemistry residing in Kansas, Texas, and Hawaii. She is now back in Utah--"happy valley". She's married to a husband, James, and they're currently increasing 6 kids. Her interests are reading, composing (or course), martial art, visual arts, making Halloween props, and even spending some time with family.

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Sara C. Roethle

For advice on Sara C. Roethle see: .

The Complete Xoe Meyers Series:
Book 1: "Xoe"
Novel two: "Accidental Ashes"
Book 3: "Broken Beasts"
Book 4: "Demon Down"
Book 5: "Forgotten Fires"
Book 6: "Gone Ghost"
Book 7: "Minor Magic"

Tree of Ages Series:
Book 1: "Tree of Ages"
Book 2: "The Melted Sea"
Book 3: "The Blood Forest"
Novel 4: "Queen of Wands" (release TBA)

Bitter Ashes Series:
Book 1: "Bitter Ashes"
Book 2: "Collide and Seek"
Book 3: "Rock, Paper, Shivers"
Book 4: "Duck, Duck, Noose"
Novel 5: "Shoots and Tatters" (discharge TBA)

The Thief's Apprentice Series:
Book 1: "Clockwork Alchemist"
Book two: "Clocks and Daggers"
Book 3: "Under sin and Essential" (June 2017)

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