The Best Fantasy Epic Fantasy Book - December 2020

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Champions Dragon Humorous Fantasy Fallacy ebook product image


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Savant Book Luminether Epic Fantasy ebook product image


Blood Lost Darkness Within Saga ebook product image


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Born Water Elemental Fantasy Adventure ebook product image


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Top Fantasy Epic Fantasy Book Brands

John F. O Sullivan

John O' Sullivan is a professional yoga instructor and property valuer who writes epic fantasy that's genuine and uncompromising. Through his work be transported to another world, and live each scene through the other's eyes, until the mind behind these eyes unifies with your own. Know an epic existence, know person failures and human triumphs, understand loss and fear, heartache and hope, weakness and strength, magical and energy and helplessness at a universe gone insane.

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Some of his favourite authors.
Fantasy: Robert Jordan, David Gemmell, Peter V. Brett, Joe Abercrombie.
Historical Fiction: Robert Harris, Conn Iggulden, Ken Follett.
Literary Fiction: Phillip Roth, Wally Lamb, Rohinton Mistry.

A number of his favorite books: The Wheel of Time Series, This Much I Know is True, A Fine Balance, Shogun, The Human Stain, The Pillars of the Earth, The Agony and the Ecstasy, Half of a Yellow Sun, Property, A Appropriate Boy, The White Tiger, A Life of Pi.

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Benjamin Descovich

Benjamin Descovich is a very long name for a man better known as Ben. As a boy he rolled dice, adventuring through magical worlds with dragons, wizards and warriors. He feasted upon epic dream novels by J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Ursula K. Le Guin, and Anne McCaffrey subsequently summoned the multitude of Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms novels among many others.

Ben attempted climbing up and walked lifespan ’therefore path in many distinct shoes. On the way, he detected the spice of politics, a kaleidoscope of culture and first and foremost of the marvels of language. Burning in his heart are hundreds of fantasy stories, strong stories of battle and sacrifice, honor and treachery, love and loss. Each day, Ben works the forge, bringing magic to the world of Oranica, unveiling imperfect heroes and heroines in a clash against injustice and evil. Monsters and mythic beasts abound, so sharpen your sword and open your spell book!

Ben’s a writer who’s enthusiastic about the environment and social justice and holds a degree in Political Science. Produced in Australia and well travelled through Europe and Asia, he’s been spoilt with inspiration for his fiction. Even though the stunning arenas, political intrigue and epic struggles will captivate your imagination; both the dragons and magic will take your breath away.

Combine the Dragon Choir and score some sorcery full of an ebook package on the home!

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Burke Fitzpatrick

Burke Fitzpatrick's books unite complex personalities, sweeping battles, and dark creatures to create epic stories. His first series, the Shedim Rebellion, is a devilish brew of epic fantasy and Dante's Inferno.

For a storyteller, he likes to cut the dull stuff. He loves a terrific action story that asks serious concerns about the nature of violence. He's fascinated with brutal barbarians, callous nobles, and dark sorcerers. And he prefers larger than life characters which blur the lines between good and evil.

One component web developer, two components novelist, along with a occasional graphic designer, Burke is a workaholic. Most nights, he still can be found cursing in his keyboard while he writes. He lives in Spokane, Washington.

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Eric T Knight

The author grew up on a working cattle ranch thirty miles. Cactus work and heat were plentiful, types of diversion were not. The TV got two stations after a person hand cranked the gas generator when it desired to, and just in the evening. All of which meant that his kind of escape read.

At 18 he escaped Tucson where he also attended the University of Arizona. A number of efforts at majors followed, none of which stuck. Discovering he liked writing, two distinct occasions attempted journalism, but had to drop it once he realized he had no intention of conducting interviews with real people but favored making up them.

After graduating with a degree in Creative Writing in 1989, he backpacked Europe with a friend and caught the travel bug. Without a meaningful job prospects, he hitchhiked across the U.S. for some time then moved back to school to learn to become a high school English teacher. He received a teaching job out of college in the middle of this year. The job lasted exactly one semester, or till he realized and received his summer pay he had cash to continue.

The second stop was Australia, in which he expected to invest six months, operating wherever he could, then a couple of months in New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands. His plans changed irrevocably when he met with a lovely girl in Alice Springs. Swept away by his own lack of a job or future that was real, she agreed to allow him to trace her back into Switzerland at which a few months afterwards, she gave up her job. During the next couple years they backpacked that the U.S., Eastern Europe and Australia/New Zealand, prior to marrying and settling in the hills of Colorado, at a small town called Sali

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JD Franx

JD Franx is a Canadian writer and the creator of the dream world called Talohna, an epic scale, high fantasy world known for winding fantasy tropes in an entirely new way. After spending a year creating and building Talohna, JD finally began writing Talohna's very first story in 2013. A year later, a very first draft of this Legacy was finished together with the string prologue novella titled, Sins of the Past. 2 years later, The Legacy was eventually ready to publish and released to Oct. 24, 2016.

The dad of two incredible teenagers, JD was interested in writing since high school, but not had the time for it until the past few decades. Having a strong interest in old world Europe, JD plans to do lots of travelling with his family over the upcoming few years with the goal of seeing a number of the European sights that influenced Talohna. Notably the Scottish and Irish castles that motivated Talohna's Cascade Citadel and the catacombs under Paris that helped bring The Ageless Library of the Arcane into life.

Planning several more books in his Darkness Collection ought to keep readers happy as both The Legacy and the coming Blood of the Missing end in over 200,000 words and 6-700 pages, making for a classic high fantasy browse with a brand new appearance.

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