The Best Fantasy Fiction - October 2020

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Top Fantasy Fiction Brands

Immortal Angel

Immortal Angel is constantly composing. Her specialization? Weekly serials that drop readers into a brand new universe and leave them hanging on till the very end.

Growing up on sci-fi, fantasy, and romance; she is’t help but also weave these elements into your own stories. Which, fortunately for her viewers, results in a great deal of hot human men, supernatural men, and some rather sexy aliens.

Immortal Angel likes to hear from her readers, and naturally, she would like to hear from you! Feel free to get hold of her by some of the methods below:

Twitter: @Immortal_ _Angel (two underscores)

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Nathan M Farrugia

Nathan M. Farrugia is the Writer of This episodic Helix technothriller Show and the bestselling series, The Fifth Column, published by Pan Macmillan.

Nathan is known for placing himself in dangerous conditions, including climbing rooftops from Russia and being hunted by specific forces trackers from the USA. He studies Systema, a famous martial arts and also former secret of Russian special forces.

Nathan is a former Australian reconnaissance soldier who has coached under USMC, SEAL staff, Spetsnaz and Defence Intelligence instructors, and the wilderness and monitoring skills of the Chiricahua Apache scouts and Australian Aboriginals.

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LJ Andrews

LJ Andrews lives in a fantasy world in which anything is possible crossing time challenges and having powers that are magical. Not actually, but writing dream worlds makes it seem real. LJ enjoys most genres and has ever loved reading, but she typically enjoys writing fantasy.
LJ lives with her husband, four kids, two dogs and one cat in a tiny town surrounded by huge mountains. She is writing and reading, when she is not carpooling tackling mountains of laundry.
Writing has always been a fantasy and thanks to wonderful readers that the fantasy has become a reality. The Lost Relic series is her debut collection, but there are more in the works. Stay current by following LJ on Facebook, Twitter, and

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