Frequently Asked Questions

What is NextThing?

NextThing is an online comparison-shopping website that helps consumers find the products they need with just one click of a mouse. We provide consumers with product information in a much faster and efficient way making buying decisions easier and fun.

How does NextThing differ from other comparison websites?

NextThing is an expert in gathering, comparing and analyzing millions of reviews from actual consumers and product experts. This enables us to provide customers with information on top rated products they want with only one mouse click.

Where does NextThing collect its data?

NextThing collects its data from millions of actual consumers’ and product experts’ reviews, blogs and articles, sales data from sellers and manufacturers.

How does NextThing sort the data collected?

NextThing’s specially developed algorithm compares and analyzes all the data collected and determines the top-rated products. The system showcases the products that received the “Top Choice”, “Best Value”, and “Best Seller” ranking. Our system is also capable of showing the best brand for the searched product.

How does NextThing rate the products?

Based on the data collected, NextThing’s algorithm determines which product in the searched category garnered the most number of positive reviews from both consumers and product experts based on popularity or sales volume, price, quality and brand.

From there, a list of most sought after products are presented.

How are the top rated products presented?

The top 10-15 products are presented in a list. This includes the consumers’ Top Choice, product with the Best Value and Best Seller. The list also shows the brand that garnered the highest rating.

When does NextThing update the rankings?

Our system updates the rankings on an ongoing basis to ensure the most relevant results.

How many products does NextThing show in the list?

Depending on the number of products that received high ratings, NextThing normally presents between 1 to 15 top-rated products at a time. Our goal is to simplify online buying decisions – not complicate it!

What is “Product Score”?

Product score is the overall score of a product based on buyer reviews, product popularity and the brand reputation.

What is “Top Choice”?

Top Choice is a product within a category that generated the highest sales volume and number of positive reviews both from consumers and product experts.

What is “Best Value”?

Best Value product is a product within a category that consumers and product experts believe has the best value for price based on quality, product use and brand’s reputation.

What is “Best Seller”?

Best Seller is a product within a category that has the highest sales volume.

Is NextThing easy to use?

YES it is! You do not have to have special computer skills to use NextThing. Just type in the product you desire to buy on the “I am shopping for…?” or “Search…” lines and within seconds NextThing will present you a list of top-rated products.

Do I have to subscribe and be a member to use NextThing?

NO! NextThing is free with the end goal of helping online buyers find their desired products fast, easy and stress-free. Most importantly, to make your online shopping experience FUN again!

How do I compare products?

NextThing wants to make the process simple. NextThing will give you the list of top rated products based on your product search. In the list you will find the product ranking, manufacturers, product description, overall scores and prices. All you have to do is click “View Product” button of the product you like best and buy!

To make it even simpler, NextThing identifies in the list the products that are considered “Top Choice”, “Best Value”, and “Best Seller.”

How can I buy the products I chose?

When you have chosen a product, just click the “BUY NOW” or “Buy from” button and you are good to go. Quick and simple!

Do I have to buy the product from NextThing?

No you don’t have to. However, we want your online shopping experience to be fast and convenient. NextThing is a one-stop-shop ready to place your order with a click of a mouse.

Will I find almost anything in NextThing?

NextThing strives to provide online buyers with just about any product they need to buy. If you are unable to find the product you need in our product categories, feel free to contact us and we will assist you in finding them.

My favorite product and brand are not on the list. What do I do?

NextThing’s specially developed algorithm has the ability to rank products in different categories. If your product or brand is not included on the list of your first product search, try and search for another category.

Can I sell my products on NextThing?

Unfortunately not. NextThing is a platform that gathers, compares and analyzes product reviews. All the products in our website came from existing listings from different retailers or online shopping stores.

Does NextThing endorses or recommends a certain product or brand?

No, NextThing does not endorse nor recommend a certain product or brand. All the products on the list were generated and ranked based on customers’ and product experts’ reviews, sales volumes, price, quality and brand’s reputation.