The Best Farberware Ceramic Knife Set - February 2023

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Farberware Edgekeeper Stainless Steel Block Set with Built in Knife Sharpener 16 piece Natural product image


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Shenzhen Knives Ceramic Vegetable Cleaver product image


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Knendet Ceramic Knife Set 4 Piece Ultra Sharp Professional Kitchen Chef Knives with Stain Resistant product image

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Shenzhen Knives

Imagine paper thin tomato slices or absolutely diced onions, Shenzhen Ceramic Knives offer you precision slicing every time due to ceramic's unique material possessions. The blade is made of an innovative ceramic called zirconium oxide that's much tougher than steel, and second in hardness to just diamond.

Ceramic blanks are created by dry pressing zirconia powder and subjecting the blanks through an innovative heating procedure known as, sintering. The ceramic vest are then sharpened and honed to a razor sharp edge and then connected to the knife handle. This results in a very hard blade which maintains its edge about 10-15 times longer than steel blades. Meaning that your ceramic knives can be utilized more without resharpening.

Ceramic can be non-reactive, which means ceramic knives will not rust and are easy to clean. Due to their resistance to strong acids and oils, they won't absorb odors or flavors from foods; which won't render any after-taste residue on foods that you slit. Additionally, it prevents fruit and vegetables from browning too fast.

Based in Hawaii, Shenzhen Knives is your top online manufacturer of ceramic knives and has been in business for ten years. As a result of our e-commerce only earnings model, we can make high performance ceramic technologies readily available to everybody.

In Shenzhen Knives, we don't have a 100-page customer service policy manual. Rather, we live by the easy slogan of "treat customers how you would love to be handled". And that's the mandate that guides our interaction with customers. And if we strive to have 0 percent defective prices in our knives and 100% gratification, we realize that mistakes do occur from time to time, and when that happens, please let contact us through our site or toll-free number.

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