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Speedy Publishing LLC

Speedy Publishing is a hybrid general interest trade writer. Among the very first of its kind Speedy publishes books, eBooks, mobile apps, pamphlets and free online tools that are thought to educate, entertain and socialize readers regardless of market.

House to over twenty imprints like Jupiter Kids, Baby Professor, Dot EDU, Puzzle Crazy, Third Cousins and many others; content is produced by our in house writers, designers and our expanding list of over 1,400 self-publishing authors trying to find a trade writer to help them tell their distinctive story.

Browse our catalog of titles and don’t neglect to tell us what you think of our books; we want to create a better experience for our readers as well as your voice, your opinion and your input just serves to guarantee the next time you pick up a Speedy Publishing Title it'll be better than the last!

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Darrin Wiggins

After spending years struggling with his own weight, Darrin decided it was time for a shift. With that started his private journey of losing 45 lbs in 12 months to contend in his first all-natural bodybuilding competition.

Once that was complete that he noticed just how much better he believed and while he never wore those tight posing trunks again he did find his real passion in life. Helping others end their struggle with the bulge. He knew losing weight has been lots of work but had the personal story of this difference it makes on your life to become healthy.

With all these people wanting to know what he didn't lose so much weight when remaining healthy, he knew it was time to chronicle the facts of his daily diet. He wrote Weight Loss Domination Diet as his first publication as well as has past he has added many more names to his portfolio.

His passion is helping people break free of the weight loss cycle they are in. Losing weight shouldn't be a lifetime event and yet lots of men and women face that exact situation for the majority of their lives. Always trying and always failing making losing weight a impossible battle.

While there are hundreds of diets available for you there is just one right diet for you and hopefully by Darrin exploring as many of them as he does one may finally be in peace with your weight loss conflict.

He chose to be a certified Life Coach once he realized that losing weight has been as much a physical act as a psychological act. Overweight people don't lack self-control but self-love nearly all of the time. That is when he decided it was time to writer books in the personal development market also.

You can have the entire body and the lifestyle of your dreams in the event you can develop the right mindset. Change your mind, change your body, change your life.

"Understand out but do not reside previously. Live for the now and look for your future." - Darrin Wiggins

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Lyn Genet Recitas

Lyn-Genet Recitas is International Bestselling writer and currently the NY Times of this Plan, a groundbreaking nutritional protocol which has been published in over 15 countries. She’s been featured on Dr. Oz, Huffington Post, CBS, NBC, Fox News, Women’s running, Fitness and More Magazine.

Lyn-Genet and her staff has helped countless thousands of women and men reach their very best health by finding their chemical responses to foods, not counting calories. The Plan is an efficient way.

Lyn-Genet’s years working in leading restaurants such as Balthazar and Pastis and her love of blending food, wine and nutrition comes full circle at the birth of LGKitchen. LGKitchen NY and also LGKitchen Houston provides delicious food that is of and seasonal/organic course, Plan friendly, to your residence or workplace.

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