The Best Fat Free Shredded Cheese - August 2019

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McCormick Chili Powder 9 25 oz product image


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Northwoods Cheese Lifetime Free Party product image


Shirakiku Spicy Shredded Squid Ounce product image


Veggie Dairy Grated Topping Parmesan product image


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BPI Sports Shredded Thermogenic Watermelon product image


Chebe Bread Original Cheese 7 5 Ounce product image


Lawrys Spaghetti Seasonings Original 1 5 Ounce product image


Skyline Spaghetti Microwaveable Crackers Shredded Included product image


Veggie Dairy Mexican Style Shreds product image


Walden Farms Bleu Cheese Dressing product image

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Universal Nutrition

Linden, New Jersey.

1983. In that year, a more fervent research team with a commitment to quality created the very first can of Animal Pak. Nowadays, Animal Pak is still manufactured in the U.S.A. Today, Animal Pak is stronger than ever with an reputation for excellence known around the globe. But Animal is more than only a name. Animal reflects a simple belief that through hard work and dedication, you can be better today than you were yesterday. That is our belief and it's a part of the mission -- to educate, inspire, and motivate. When you purchase any Animal product, whether it's Pak, Flex, Pump, Test, M-Stak, or even Cuts, you receive more than just a high quality, powerful product. You obtain an whole business standing behind the products along with our industry leading guarantee and our confidence that you'll be satisfied.

We Manufacture Our Products

Made In The U.S.A.

Family Owned

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From fitness to health, across America and across the world, there is one name lifters know and hope: Universal. Since the period of the very first Sandow passed to the first Olympian during the Golden Age of Bodybuilding, Universal is a vital part of the bodybuilding community. Now in our fifth decade, we continue to make the maximum quality nutritional supplements created to produce results. As we move into the future, we will never forget our origins, and that's exactly what makes us different. We know that bodybuilding is more than only a game. It is a lifestyle. It's a purpose.


Family run and owned since 1977

We create our own products

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Crissy Sharp

Crissy Sharp is an author, runner, and sports enthusiast. She has a special knack for avoiding cooking and cleaning so she can concentrate on her true love: writing. She is in awe of individuals who will perform a one-legged king pigeon without pulling something and detests all about cheese. Though she's& he#x2019;ll always be a Montana girl in mind, she also loves Tennessee, where she now resides with her husband and three children.

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